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The best tubes online are, we find, often hidden gems – especially in the realm of gay porn! 4Tube Gay is just that kind of tube site, with a wide variety of great hardcore content. Let’s get into it, shall we? At 4TubeGay you can expect a nice, clean, white site design. It’s very bright, for those of you that prefer that, and the features are pretty solid overall. Every video is badged with its title, length, and – where applicable – the name of any big star who happens to be in front of the camera for it. Across the top of the screen from the left, first you’ll find the search bar, then the list of categories, followed by channels, and the model index, where you can find the star that most appeals to you! We thought the model index was rather nice – and the categories are surprisingly detailed, with many of them quite deep, too.

So, the usability at 4tube.com/gay is pretty good overall, but what about the content itself? Well, there’s a lot of shorter content, so if you’d like to switch between videos every few minutes, that’s easy here. The categories and tags will help you find whatever you’re into, and the filters help you get even more specific. There’s a huge amount of content here, and in particular we noted that there are thousands of videos under ‘amateur’ and under, naturally, ‘anal’, but also under ‘asian’ and under ‘fetish’, and of course, the always popular ‘twink’ and ‘solo’. In general, it seems to be that whatever your tastes are, you’ll find them represented here with at least several hundred videos, unless your wants are particularly complex. Given that, and the good usability which was mentioned above, 4Tube Gay is doing a pretty good job overall for a free tube.


  • Wide variety of great content across many categories
  • Solid features for a free tube


  • Most focus seems to be on the ‘twink’ category despite the strong variety overall

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