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The Fetish Network – that’s not a name you’ll hear on this site often, because for the most part, the Fetish Network is a collection of straight sites. That said, though, there is a handful of sites among their collection that do happen to end up being gay sites. These include Property POV, Helpless Boys, and Busted Boys, but they also include one more. That last one, the fourth, that’s the one we’re bringing you a look at today, and that one is Boy Creeper. Here, you’ll find home invaders in masks creeping up on unknowing guys, kidnapping and binding them to take them and force them to all sorts of delightful, raw fetish action. The torture is fantastic and varied, going through all sorts of sucking, fucking, electric prods, makeshift choking leashes, gags, whips, and much, much more, even head bags – the variety is definitely here. So are the soft factors, with filming and model choice that definitel draws you into the action in a manner that kept us engaged with the fast and escalating plots – these aspects are all great in our views. That said, though, there’s a lot more that matters. Let’s go ahead and look into those vital library details, shall we?

Around 50 Scenes, Several Videos with 4K Resolution

Unfortunately, updates have been something of a problem with BoyCreeper – it seems to have been almost a year now since new content dropped on this site, and we’re not really able to offer a reason for this. That leaves a collection with a bit over 50 individual videos, and that library seems unlikely to continue growing at this point. The newest of these are available in 4K, which is great, but the majority of the collection seems to be available in only Full HD instead. The latter still looks great on most displays, to be sure, but it’s just not going to take full advantage of your best and newest devices. Each tends to come with a gallery, too, but these seem to not come with compressed zip files or even slideshows – expect to have to download the photos one at a time if you want them. You can download the videos as well, if you like. Also, the videos have a pretty generous average run-time of a full 30 minutes each. Overall, the collection is solid, except for the lack of updates, which is a serious issue that we’d really like to see properly addressed by the site’s production team.

Solid Network Access & Some Features

Luckily, things actually change somewhat in our last section here. You do get access to a handful of other gay fetish sites as we said above, but Fetish Network also has a few dozen straight fetish sites you can choose to investigate separately, in case you have any interest in that. The tour seems to say you get access to everything, but we don’t think that’s quite right. Meanwhile, boycreeper.com also has a few usability and navigational features to get around and find what you want to watch. The writeups on each scene are short and informative, plus you get categories and favorites – but things could certainly be improved. On the other hand, the library is small, and as long as remains at this size, it’s easy to find what you’re looking for within the collection. That includes the other included sites as well. We’d love to see a number of improvements, but at the end of the day, this collection contains a surprising amount of solidly high-quality gay fetish porn, and does a great job with variety, model choice, filming, and resolutions.


  • Hot fetish content
  • Great variety
  • Bonus sites


  • Small library
  • No updates
  • Few features


2 Day Limited TrialRebills at $14.95/mo. until cancelled


1 Month MembershipRecurs every month at $39.95


3 Months MembershipRecurs every month at $69.93


12 Months MembershipBilled yearly at $199.92


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