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When you’re after fetish porn, it can be remarkably difficult to find the offerings that hit just right – and frankly, Brutal Gay Video makes a great argument for its existence and place on your list. This blog-style porn site is all about fetish, BDSM, and brutal gay porn videos, and really knows how to pick the hottest ones to post! You’ll find all sorts of content – training, foot fetish, torture, bondage, twinks, electro, even tickling and worship. There are even some more extreme videos, like needle CBT, in case you’re into that – check the ‘Brutal’ category, appropriately enough. It’s hard to actually overstate the sheer amount of variety that’s available on this little gay fetish blog – lovely to see, really. That said, though, we did experience some issues with the site overall during evaluation, but nothing that didn’t pass with a simple refresh.

Navigation here is pretty easy – navigating a blog is old hat and pretty standard for most of us at this point. Across the top you’ll find the primary category links, plus a premium clips link and another link for feedback. Down the right side of the page you’ll find a list of the most popular tags, and if you’re looking for search, it’s in the upper right. When you click on a video post, you’ll find a selection of nice screencaps to give you an idea of what you’re in for, leading down to some stats, and then the download link. That’s right – no streams direct on this site. And below that, you’ll find tags before the related posts come in. It’s simple, easy, and intuitive, and sometimes when you just want a delightful fetish video, it’s going to hit the spot just right!


  • Quite a wide variety of gay fetish hardcore
  • Pretty solid features for a blog side – good tags
    and a search


  • Having to follow a link to another site
    to download the vids is a bit annoying

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