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Sometimes it’s all about mutual masturbation, and that’s the name of the game for the BuddyBate blog. Here, on this cleanly designed and well-built site, the guys behind this free and easily used offering have put together interesting content from around the internet for your browsing pleasure. You’ll find posts about sex toys, about reader experiences with group sex and mutual masturbation, and lots of shots of great cocks as well! The site design is clean, bright, and polished, with few ads to get in the way as well. Overall, we thought that the design was fairly useful and pretty intuitive. With a number of navigation links across the top, and with each post having useful tags, plus an ease of commenting, it’s easy to get around and enjoy the site.

One of the best advantages of a site like Buddy Bate is that price tag – a big fat appealing free, bringing an absolutely huge zero cents out of your wallet each and every month! Plus, like every blog, you can easily pull it into your book marks or your favorite RSS service to easily check its newest posts whenever you like – or even make it part of a larger, themed collection. Whoever is running this site even seems to have some great ideas about sex toys and cock sleeves for guys, and seems to know what he’s doing with them. Overall, we think that for the price, it’s lovely to see that sites like BuddyBate.com are still holding on and providing an important service to today’s internet, and to you – whether that’s fans of sex toys, fans of mutual masturbation, or fans of both! If you’re any of the above, or even better yet, all of them, we recommend this blog to you for sure. We’re confident you’ll enjoy you’re time on this site.


  • Great articles on a wide variety of subjects with a surprisingly low number ads, plus a solid tagging system for good usability, too


  • We’d really love to at least see a dark mode here – it really is a lot easier on the eyes

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