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DamianXDragon Review

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We review fairly unique offerings pretty regularly – there’s always something different around the corner in porn. But the offering today; Damian X Dragon, is not just unique but a fascinating example of such a unique porn site where one performer may own his own porn site, providing a superb variety of situationally varying content that truly plays to his strengths. To put it simply, we’re pretty damn impressed – and it’s pretty much always Damian on screen, and with all sorts of different partners and an incredibly intense sense of variety and diversity. This site – and Damian himself – is BDSM and fetish oriented, so sometimes Damian submits, and sometimes he dominates. You’ll find bondage, pissing, blowjobs, and much more, all showing off his fantastic set of great tattoos – and for those of you who absolutely enjoy sweat, there is a lot of it on display here in most scenes as well. The filming is quite solid, too – it seems to be a very finely focused experience with a smaller team, but skillful all the same. Let’s take a look into the library details, shall we?

Over 140 Videos, Full HD Resolution, Download Limits

As of the time of writing for this review, you’ll find about 147+ videos within the DamianXDragon site library. You’ll also find 210+ galleries as a delightful supplement to round things out. The videos run all the way up to Full HD resolution, and they stream quite nicely on the site’s own player. Sadly, 4K simply doesn’t seem to be available here at this time. It seems likely that the scenes being filmed in 4K is beyond the budget that this site has available for equipment, to be fair. You can still download your favorite scenes, but unfortunately the site seems to have have a monthly download limit. Currently that does seem to be capped to 10 per month, although it seems like this number fluctuates over time based on whatever needs the site is seeing at the present moment. The trial is pretty limited though – six streams – so you might as well skip it, unless you just want to get a real feel for the style of the porn that you’ll find at the site. Updates are fairly consistent, too. New content drops every week on average, and you can expect to see new content updates four times per month. That’s a pretty normal schedule, and it seems to be growing the site a fairly maintainable pace, which is definitely a great thing to see!

Hot, Asian Interracial Sex, With Lots of Tatttoos, BDSM, and More

At the end of the day, what damianxdragon.com is offering is unique in one of the best ways that we’ve seen recent. This site is offering high quality porn focused on a delightfully skilled and tattooed gay asian performer who understands and delights in his role in front of the camera. That seems to be the case with Damian regardless of whether he is subbing, domming, or anything in between! And his tattoos, plus the filming style and the sheer variety of content, all add to the quality of what’s on offer here, as do the 1080p resolutions and the fairly consistent weekly updates. That’s why we think so highly of Damian X Dragon as a whole, and why we think that you’ll want to carefully consider this one if you’re into any of the niches it touches, from anal and interracial to BDSM and bondage, to tattoos and bareback sex. In the end, we’re very happy to be able to award DamianXDragon with our full recommendation as result of all the details that we’ve listed above.


  • Great variety
  • Solid Full HD resolutionss
  • Regular updates


  • No 4K
  • Download limits

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