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Skeevy places and nasty setups with “unsuspecting” amateur guys lured in for a bit of cash, only to end up Face Down Ass Up as the object of a gay gangbang, that’s the theme here – except yeah, we already did tell you the site name, didn’t we? Yes, it’s quite edgy, and that in itself is provocative for an amateur site, but we think that it’s entirely possible that that is precisely what you’re looking for. And if you’ve never seen a surprising number of guys run a train on an “unprepared amateur” dude, well, this might just be your new favorite niche, too – it’s definitely got a very long history in porn, gay or not. The extra details of the other guys kissing eachother, smoking, and jacking while they wait their own turn with the guy in the titular position are nice additions, as well. Overall, the guy choice is pretty solid, with solid cinematography backing it all up, and we think the soft factors are absolutely in the places where they should be, here at FaceDownAssUp. With all of that established – and it was a lot, wasn’t it? — let’s go ahead and dig a little deeper. The library details in particular need some examination, after all.

Over 100 Videos, Updates Every Other Week, Somewhat Obsolete Resolutions

Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of good news here, so why don’t we start with the best of it? As of the time of writing for this review, the Face Down Ass Up collection includes well over 100 individual videos, with a new one dropping pretty regularly – about every other week, in fact. However, now we’re getting into the worse side of things for facedownassup.com – buckle up. Sadly, it seems that little to no effort has been made here to modernize resolutions – even at the maximum resolution, the quality is barely SD, and the videos just don’t look all that great as a direct result. That’s pretty disappointing, especially given a solid updating scheduling and a concept that, all things being equal, we imagine could itself drive a porn site to great popularity. It gets worse, though, because while there are a few preview screenshots, that seems to be all there is as far as pics go, so don’t expect any any sort of galleries to enjoy in-between videos here. That’s unfortunate, but let’s look into the site and see if that turns things around.

Very Few Features, Simple Site, No Bonuses

And there really isn’t that much else to add in. The features are basic – the streaming player starts out at a box that’s at a square resolution, but you can full screen it to get it to full size. The site works well on mobile devices for us, but there seems to be no model info, no pages for the individual videos, or anything like that. Downloads are also seemingly just not available here, as much as we made some effort to check around for options. On the other hand, everything is laid out simply and it’s very easy to navigate the simple page of videos. Browsing is intuitive and dead simple. Given all that, we feel coming to a conclusion for this one ends up pretty simple. If you just want to turn your brain off and enjoy some porn in a fun niche with an amateur feel and a little degradation roleplay on screen, and expect very little else, then Face down Ass Up is a solid choice for exactly that! And it will deliver on that expectation – and deliver well, in fact, with upsides like regular updates.


  • Solid theme and “amateur” feel
  • Regular updates keeping the library growing


  • Low resolutions
  • Few features


1 Month MembershipRecurs every month at $24.95


1 Month MembershipNon recurring


12 Months MembershipBilled yearly at $119.88

$9.99/mo.60% OFF

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