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There are just so many tubes out there that it’s overwhelming. We know this – and we also know that bookmarks, while a good temporary fix, are only a solution to a part of the problem, not the entire issue. Bookmarks allow you to keep track of the tubes that you’ve found, but they don’t address tube acquisition at all. In that case, FindTubes/Gay might be right up your alley. This tube-oriented search engine has a light mode and dark mode (which is always fantastic to see!), categories, popular searches, filters, and more. It solves the major problems, because you’re using a search engine specifically oriented toward tube sites, rather than a general search engine; so you’re not going to get all sorts of other noise that google or bing or whatever other search engines may think you want in your result. Therefore, Find Tubes /Gay has a big advantage in that specific case.

At the end of the day, what is this, though? It’s an aggregator. And an aggregator like this can sometimes be a little clunky, but we think that this will make your time relaxing and finding free – or premium if you toggle the options for that – porn much easier and faster. If your budget is tight, or you just feel like a simple option, then it may well be that findtubes.com/?orientation=gay is exactly what you’ve been looking for. In that case, we’re happy to recommend this site to you, to add to your rotation of tools in finding porn. After all, Find Tubes/Gay definitely has the usability angle of things down, while still being quite powerful overall. This could also help you minimize the number of bookmarks you’re using for tubes if you’re having trouble with that sort of thing – some of us certainly have found ourselves with too many of those, at times.


  • Solid, focused tube search to help you find the porn you’re looking for across a huge number of sites, with just one search bar.


  • Aggregators can lack truly fine-grained search capability, and this is not an exception to that general rule.

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