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College is one of the horniest times in life for most of us, and no naturally fraternity houses are probably some of the the horniest and sexiest – and potentially, at least sometimes, gayest – place for a good long distance. Even better than that, though, this frat house is the porn version – that means it’s all about videos of hot jocks and studs having fun with their fellow mates or pledges for your viewing pleasure. Now, the library has shifted up and down over time, and for various reasons – we don’t really feel we need to get into that here. However, that results in a collection of several hundred videos as of the time of writing, though they tend to be pretty mid-tier resolutions. We’re pretty non-specific here, because the streaming player is, too – the site is set up in a what-you-see-is-what-you-get manner, and it seems they’re pretty satisfied with that. We think that this could certainly use some improvement, and unfortunately this isn’t the last time during this review that we’ll be saying that – things are a bit too basic with Frat X overall.

Minalist Site with Scene Writeups

You’ll browse it on a pretty simple site, though, continuing that what-you-see theme. There are some simple writeups and a set of screenshots with each video, but don’t expect any any comments or favorites. The streaming player does go full screen, that at least works nicely. On the other hand, they seem to be updating at a nice pace – you can expect new content to drop about once every two weeks, or twice a month. Back into the less positive side of things, however, is the lack of downloads – there’s no premium option, so it’s streaming or nothing here. FratX is very married to the minimalism, so it seems, and this is doing a lot to harm the site. On the other hand, though, the videos themselves have a pretty decent average run-time – you can expect to watch for around twenty five full minutes per video before things wind down and end. That said, though, the camerawork is hardly stellar – it’s got something of a semi-amateur feel to it, almost like you could believe it was produced by actual gay frat boys who happened to have a passion for their major in film. They just seem to like making porn with it, I suppose.

Good Sense of Variety, Lots of Bareback

There’s also a decent bit of variety in the scene set ups – while the dudes themselves are pretty much American, and on top of that mostly white and with a preference for bareback, things tend to be a bit less cut and dry from there. Some of the studs are “straight” with a loose, ‘any hole’ sort of horniness going on, some of the scenes are parties, sometimes it’s more about the blowjob, and usually a single scene is going to focus multiple couplings, so even a single viewing can provide some vairety in itself. The feeling of the sex parties here is pretty raw and caution-less – we think it fits the aesthetic of the average frat house pretty damn well, in fact, and that feeling flows through a lot of what fratx.com does and doesn’t do. Naturally that’s both good and bad – after all, it’s a frat house, did you expect it to be all good? That’s why, when taking everything we’ve gone through above into careful consideration, we’re happy to recommend Frat X to anyone interested in the niche. This is an interesting one, with a very raw amateur feel that fits it’s theme perfectly. If you like college-themed porn, well. We rather expect you won’t want to miss out.


  • Hundreds of scenes of gay, straight, and bi college guys going at it in various couplings in frat house parties
  • A raw amateur feel to the guy choice and the camerawork throughout
  • Fairly regular content updates


  • The site is minimal, the features are minimal, the resolutions are minimal – we feel like there’s still some work for the FratX team to do, in order for this site to become the best that it really can be


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