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FTMPlus Review

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FTM Plus is a relatively new gay porn network with handsome trans men who get down and dirty with mostly cis guys in hardcore sex videos. This adult network brings together two famous trans porn sites, FTM Men and Jock Pussy, along with their brand-new series Trancest, which is all about videos of horny dads seducing and fucking with their trans stepsons. In total, they have more than 200 videos that you can stream and download on all your devices.

Excellent Trans Porn

Even though FTM Plus is still new, many people consider it one of the best trans networks out there, and I’m one of them. After all, FTM Men and Jock Pussy have been making great content for several years, and Transcest is as amazing as them, at least it has been so far. Although its update schedule is still not consistent, you can still expect at least one weekly update across the network.

Hot Action

While there have been several trans-on-trans porn videos, the main focus of this network isn’t on them. Most of the episodes feature horny trans guys having sex with hung cis men. They include a lot of oral sex, passionate kissing, finger play, and of course, lots of hardcore pounding. Many of the videos include toy play, but I haven’t seen any anal penetration yet. I’d love to see the cis males taking it up their butt, now that would be hot as fuck!

A Couple of Drawbacks, No Deal-Breakers

While FTM Plus has several downsides, none of them are bad enough to make me not recommend this network to the readers of Best Gay Sites. The first I want to mention is the pre-checked offer on the site’s signup page. Another thing you should know is that there is automatic email signup upon joining and that FTM Plus pictures come with large, annoying watermarks. But the biggest downside of them all is that downloads require a membership upgrade. While none of these things are good, there’s no denying that FTM Plus is an amazing choice for all fans of porn videos in which cis men fuck horny trans guys. Also, if you happen to enjoy story-driven scenes, Transcest will probably be your favorite site on this trans porn network.


  • Three great sites
  • Frequent updates
  • Lots of bareback action
  • Sleek, mobile-responsive interface
  • Exclusive content


  • Downloads cost extra
  • Pre-selected offer on the join page
  • The pictures have watermarks


3 Day TrialRebills at $29.99/mo. until cancelled
1 Month MembershipRecurs every month at $29.95
3 Months MembershipBilled every 3 months at $69.99
6 Months MembershipBilled at $49.99, recurring every 6 months at $99.99
$16.66 $8.33/mo.50% OFF

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