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We have to confess that Gay Cock 4 U /Daddy is a bit of an odd one, as free tubes go. That’s because the site’s UI is very basic and very simplified – when you open up the category homepage, you’ll find a menu bar with just title, search, and a menu button on top of a banner image, followed by just thumbnails with titles in white text across them. That’s it – that’s the entire site design. Though we will mention that the background is black, and that’s definitely nice to look at overall, the design is still a bit baffling. When you click through to a particular video, you’ll find a player with title and models below, and at the bottom, a small handful of related videos. Also, there are links to prior and next videos between the player and the title – in a text color that is very easy to miss against the background.

This is a very strange set up, especially for a free tube site. Frankly, we’re not sure how to feel about it overall. The simplified UI might work great on a TV, if you already know the models and expect yourself to be into the content. That can get difficult, though, if your tastes are specific at all, without tags, or a run-time badge, or even badges for resolution, so you may spend even more time clicking between videos here. On the other hand, the simplicity of the interface may be exactly what you’ve been looking for. Therefore, our conclusion on GayCock4U/Daddy is pretty split. If you’re looking for such a basic user interface, for whatever reason, we can happily recommend this one for you. Especially since gaycock4u.com/daddy/ has content in spade with quality and great model choice within its niche of Daddy types with some taboo and lots of bareback and Blowjobs – if you don’t mind the simple interface, have fun here!

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