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I’ve heard good things about this site and couldn’t wait to have a bit more time in order to review it properly and get some new fapping material for my private collection. The first thing I noticed when I visited GayPorno.fm for the first time is its simple yet intuitive design. The site looks clean, it has several sections, plus there’s a search box.

The thumbnails are large enough and they show you the name of the video, upload date, number of views, and length. You won’t see a preview of the scene if you hover your mouse cursor over it, which is something GayPorno.fm could improve. The content is good, there’s also a possibility to upload your own, but the high number of ads take away from the overall experience.


  • Clean interface
  • Good content
  • Wide range of categories
  • Many search tools and usability features


  • Many ads
  • No keyword tags

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