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If you are bored of watching the same old gay porn videos featuring Caucasian, African American, and Latino performers, head over to Gay Asian Network and watch GDude JP’s content. GDudeJP used to be a standalone site with Chinese and Japanese guys who fuck each other’s brains out and slurp on each other’s cocks in hardcore sex videos, many of which are group encounters. But don’t worry, this site hasn’t disappeared, it has just been merged into Gay Asian Network. In addition to its hardcore content, you’ll also be able to find plenty of jerk-off sessions starring cute and sexy Asian gay guys who aren’t afraid to show off their beautiful cocks and play with them on camera for everyone to see.


As I have already mentioned, the performers in GDude JP’s scenes all come from East Asia. In my opinion, there are not enough Asian gay porn sites and networks, or at least they’re still not getting the recognition they deserve. Personally, I enjoy watching Asian gay sex from time to time and find men from this part of the world incredibly sexy and seductive. Gay Asian Network is quite large, which means you will be able to find many dudes there.


If you love Asian performers and fetish porn videos that include stuff like light bondage, puppy play, and rough sex, GDude JP’s scenes are for you. They often feature group gay action and threeways, which usually include plenty of spit-roasting and swapping. Some of these group videos are huge orgies and brutal gangbangs, so if you’re into those things, even better. Of course, Gay Asian Network has even more content and brings you even more diversity, which is why I recommend checking out its entire gallery.

Interface & Conclusion

In addition to good content and sexy Asian dudes, this network has a simple, mobile-responsive design. Thanks to its usability features and good layout, you will be able to find the videos you want to watch fast. Overall, both GDude JP’s and the rest of Gay Asian Network’s scenes are worth checking out. Not all of them are of the same quality, which is expected, but most of the content is both hot and entertaining to watch.


  • Good update schedule
  • The scenes include many fetishes and sex acts
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Mobile-responsive design


  • The site has been merged into Gay Asian Network


1 Month MembershipRecurs every month at $26.96


3 Months MembershipBilled every 3 months at $59.84


12 Months MembershipBilled yearly at $119.95


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