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Very much a newer site, Just The Gays has nonetheless produced a massive collection within the time that it’s been around. On this site’s white, basic site design, you’ll find that each video has useful thumbnails with descriptive titles over upload dates, as well as some favorites & ratings. However, there are a lot of ads in the site design, despite the otherwise clean design, and JustTheGays could definitely do with less spam, less ads, less distraction from the porn itself. There’s certainly plenty of porn – it seems like an incredible number of videos are being uploaded every day, so it’s basically impossible to run out of content to enjoy. Especially at the price of ‘free,’ that’s phenomenal to see, even with the advertising or spam issue. At the end of the day, the result of thousands of videos with often more than half a dozen being added daily makes this an easy pick for your daily rotation.

Relatively Few Features

That said, though, it can be difficult to navigate justthegays.com, in part because of the sheer scale of the library. With thousands upon thousands of videos to parse through, there are few features to help you do it. The features that do exist include a few categories, some performer pages, pages for most viewed and trending videos, and a basic search – these definitely help, and we don’t want to minimize that. However, this tube could stand to do more in the usability and navigation department overall, especially given just how well they’re doing on updates. At the end of the day, Just The Gays is a pretty solid tube with a very impressive library and a supremely impressive update schedule. If what you’re after is content, content, and more content, at the fantastic price of free, then that’s exactly what you’ll find here. On that basis, we’re happy to recommend this tube.


  • Fast & frequent updates
  • Huge library


  • Few navigational features

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