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MachoTube/daddy Review

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At Macho Tube /Daddy, it’s all about the taboo fun between a a Daddy type and his – usually younger – stud partner. This tube has a clear, bright white design, and there’s lots of information in the thumbnails. HD badges, upload timestamps, ratings percentages, view counts, and run-times, all surround the thumbnail and title itself. On top of that, you’ve got lovely sorting and filtering down the left side. This starts with the normal big 4 sorting – most popular, highest ratest, newest, and longest. However, it continues – there are buttons for all videos, or just the HD ones, a 2-marker slider for customizing what run times you want, and even a date added selection below that. They’ve stuffed an amazing amount of functionality into just a few basic controls at MachoTube/Daddy, and it’s definitely worth praising! Let’s dig a little deeper together, shall we?

The functionality doesn’t end there, however. On the top bar, you’ll find a playlist button – right next to the upload button, in fact. It’s very easy to add videos to your playlist here – when you mouse over one of those informative thumbnails, a little plus sign will pop up. Plus, they’ve got lists of studios and pornstars on the left side of the top bar – and while that model index isn’t detailed, it does include a great list of videos on each stars’ own page. Ultimately, we think that machotube.tv/category/daddy is a great option if you’re into hardcore porn starring Daddy types – you really could do a lot worse than including this tube into your regular rotation, even with the bright site design. Plus, being a tube, it of course comes with the ever-alluring price of free – so at the end of the day, we think there just around any major concerns to take away from the offer here.


  • Great variety of Daddy-taboo porn, and a surprising amount of it happens to be in various HD resolutions as well
  • Feature set is surprisingly complete for a free site, and that definitely leads to significant ease of use for this tube


  • We think a dark theme would do this site and category a lot of good overall

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