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Coming from the Montreal-based gay performer Marko Lebeau, Men of Monstreal is all about great gay scenes! You’ll find amateurs and professionals alike here, in this fantastic Quebecois – that is, French Canadian – focused porn site. This one is all about just simple gay hardcore sex, and they end up doing quite a lot on camera for your enjoyment, including plenty of kissing, oral, and bareback – if you’re looking for a site that has a real feel while retaining slick and premium production values, then this is definitely one to consider for adding a bit more content to your gay hardcore collection, or so we think. Naturally, you wouldn’t want to miss out on learning about a site like this, so let’s go ahead and discuss the details, so that you can see whether this site deserves a spot on your list.

What To Expect

On top of expecting some of the world’s sexiest men starring at Men of Montreal, you can also expect plenty of content in HD to enjoy. HD here is technically true – expect HD Ready 720p, however, not Full HD 1080p. Uploads seem to have stopped for some time, which is very disappointing overall. Right now, the collection consists of around 250 individual videos to enjoy, but we recommend that you also keep in mind that each of those videos comes with an associated library. And even on top of that library, you can find plenty of great live performances hosted or enabled by Men of Montreal as well. Occasionally the videos themselves will star Lebeau himself, but most of the time he seems to be behind the camera instead. The casting and production values in these scenes really should not go unremarked – the porn here is absolutely top quality, for it’s time and niche, and it shows.

On top of all that, the site itself is fairly well mobile-optimized. They’ve implemented a search, too, and a few sorting options, but overall, we’d like to see category browsing, better info in the model index, functional tagging, and even an advanced search. Most of this isn’t really relevant, though, due to the lack of updates overall. While the videos are subtitled in English, the dialog generally isn’t recorded in English. Instead, expect French, and specifically, Quebecois French, which is a bit different if you’re more used to the European variant. That said, tone is still very similar, and it’s easy to read passion and investment in the scene in these studs’ words, voices, and faces – and that’s before the pants come off, of course. It’s easy to see, we think, that where menofmontreal.com really shines happens to be in the content itself – Lebeau absolutely had a vision here, at least while the site was still updating.


Despite our wish to be kind to this one, it will always be the case that we have to be pretty frank with you on this one and all others. Men of Montreal is small, yes, very small indeed compared to a lot of the options available out there. It’s also not growing, and hasn’t been growing for years, now, so it’s fairly reasonable – at least in our view – to assume that this site is simply not going to grow again, and that’s likely to be for the rest of its existence. The content is hot, yes, and may be a great addition to an existing collection, but we can’t recommend MenofMontreal on it’s own. As such, keep this in mind when you’re making your decision, despite the excellent, well-filmed, and frankly hot content and the stars and amateurs within that content.


  • Well-filmed, hot gay porn, with great casting


  • No updates in years
  • No resolutions higher than 720p


2 Day Limited TrialRebills at $19.99/mo. until cancelled


1 Month Streaming OnlyRecurs every month at $9.99


1 Month MembershipRecurs every month at $24.99


12 Months MembershipBilled yearly at $99.97


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