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MuscleforceProductions Review

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MuscleForce Productions was founded in 1997 and offered a platform for amateur bodybuilders and other sexy, muscular men to showcase their impressive physiques while working out in their underwear. At some point, the site took a long break but has since returned with plans to make a lot of raunchy gay porn. Its viewers can now enjoy the original videos that were popular among male physique enthusiasts, as well as look forward to new ones.

A Paradise for Lovers of Muscular Men

The models featured on MuscleForce Productions are of different ages. From handsome, well-hung guys in their 20s to those who are already in their 40 but still look great, this site offers more diversity than it seems at first. They are all white and have well-defined muscles and broad shoulders. Some of the models have lightly hairy chests and armpits. Moreover, the scenes on the site vary greatly. Some models like Mark Mason perform solo and engage in dirty talk while lifting weights and flexing their big muscles. In other scenes, you can see two men who admire each other’s gym results and then proceed to jerk off together. There are also videos of sexy guys taking bubble baths and flexing their muscles in various locations.

A Great Comeback

MuscleForce Productions has returned with its original twelve movies that were shot between 1997 and 2003 and have been remastered to fit modern quality standards. The videos are available for download in one size and for streaming in a few different sizes. Most of them run for more than 30 minutes. However, the site does have some drawbacks worth mentioning. Viewers are automatically subscribed to receive commercial emails, and there is no way to say no to this. There aren’t any model profiles, and the model names aren’t even linked. Additionally, there are no photo galleries.

My Conclusion

In conclusion, MuscleForce Productions is an interesting gay porn site dedicated to fans of bodybuilders and other muscular guys. If you want to watch them flex their muscles, and sometimes get a bit naughty with each other, this site is a good choice for you. On the minus side, the site has only 12 videos as of the time of writing, but at least they’re planning to start making new ones later this year.


  • Affordable membership
  • Downloadable scenes
  • Original content
  • Many hot, muscular men
  • Mobile-friendly interface


  • Unclear update schedule
  • The site is still very small
  • Automatic newsletter signup
  • No information about the models


1 Month MembershipRecurs every month at $14.95


1 Month MembershipNon-recurring


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