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Twinks, twinks, twinks – twinks are always popular, and we think it’s for good reason! We don’t think that those who love twinks are ever likely to go go away. There’s even an argument to be made that amateur twinks are the best kind of twinks, and home-made porn of them the best kind of twink content. Luckily, that’s exactly what we think you’ll find lots of at r/Twinks, another great gay amateur porn subreddit. This one is very active, with nearly half a million individual members, and with updates that come thick and fast most days as guys upload content of themselves. In fact we don’t think it’s likely that you should be able to run out of content here if you tried, but even if you did, reddit hosts a great variety of even more porn for your viewing pleasure, much of it already related in some way to twinks.

We are sure that most of you are very well aware of how intuitive and solid a subreddit UI is. You can expect to easily search within the subreddit, or if you dismiss the badge on the search bar, all of reddit instead. Each post can be commented on or rated if you choose to create an account, and you’ll also need an account if you want to follow r/ Twinks – but you can follow as many subreddits as you like, to gain as much porn content or other content delivered in your feed as you like. An account is easy to set up, too, taking just a couple of moments. And, of course, all for free. The content can be sorted easily between hot, new, and best – the main three ideas – which easily lets you skip the kinds of uploads you’re just not interested in. Overall, we’re happy to recommend reddit.com/r/twinks/ to anyone with a taste for twinks.


  • Great pace of new content, pretty much always home-made, dropping fresh, with lots of fantastic twinks starring in it


  • This is mostly solo content, so you’ll need to look elsewhere if you want mostly couples instead

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