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The name Raw Hole may not immediately jump out at you as associated with any particular group or type of studs, but the site that this title is for is actually all about fantastic latino guys – and yeah, we were surprised by that, too. Despite the title’s seeming disconnection, however, the guy choice is pretty much fantastic, with lots of fit, muscular frames and plenty of larger cocks, many of them even uncut! The scenes tend to focus on bareback as well, and there’s a nice sense of variety to things – you can even find the occasional threesome here, alongside plenty of couples fucking and sucking, and some solo scenes as well. The filming and other soft factors are great, too, and you might even recognize some of the guys starring. With all that said, we think it’s now about time for us to get into the library details – don’t you agree?

Weekly Updates, Hundreds of Videos, 4K

Things are actually very solid here – we’re always happy to report on pleasant news with a porn site, of course. For a good while now, RawHole has been updating on a weekly basis, with new content dropping reliably on a good schedule. That’s always delightful to see, and it’s now resulted in a library of several hundred videos to enjoy, which of course makes things even better! The newest videos are available in 4K resolution, but for the majority of the collection we’ll caution you to not expect more than Full HD – of course, Full HD still looks pretty damn great on most displays, so that’s not a big downside overall. There are galleries available, associated with most videos – these might mostly be vid caps, but we can’t be sure. On the plus side, convenient zip archives are available, which make for easy downloads.

Full Network Access

Now, rawhole.com does not come alone – quite certainly not. This is actually part of a network called Gay Porn Megasites, and comes with around a dozen different sites to keep you going between updates. You’ll find “straight” porn, college guys, kink and fetish content, and quite a lot more, all produced to the same quality standards that make Raw Hole itself stand out in the first place. On to of that, you’ll find thousands of videos worth of it, and all on the single site’s subscription, adding significantly to Raw Holes value offer. Now, speaking of the membership, however, here are some things of note. You can get a streaming-only plan, but if you want downloads, you’ll have to upgrade instead. And unfortunately, the downloads are rather limited – for most plans, you can expect about 10 downloads per month, which is not great. We’d certainly love to see this one improved. However, keep in mind that a single-month, non-recurring membership is actually quite expensive. Otherwise, prices are fairly reasonable.

Solid Value Offer – A Good Option

RawHole does a solid job of providing high-quality, hardcore, bare back Latino porn – and frankly that’s precisely what the site has set out to do, so seeing that is exactly the result that we hope to experience! However, on top of that, also seeing the excellent network access further improves things significantly. While we’d love to see an improved download scheme, frankly the site is doing very well even without that. That’s why we’re more than happy to award rawhole.com with our recommendation to anyone seeking a site in this niche. The network access is absolutely a fantastic addition as well, and it’s one that truly brings significant value to an already great site – we know we’re repeating ourselves at this point, but it’s worth doing so.


  • 4K resolutions on newest videos
  • Weekly video updates
  • Growing, solid library
  • Great stud choice


  • Very few downloads allowed
  • Membership upgrade for downloads


1 Month MembershipRecurs every month at $29.95


1 Month Streaming OnlyRecurs every month at $19.95


3 Months MembershipBilled every 3 months at $59.96


12 Months MembershipBilled yearly at $149.95


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