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Rod’s Room is not a name we’d been familiar with prior to coming across it professionally – that is to say, for the start of the process for this review. And that’s frankly a shame, because this is a very interesting offering – one that puts a lot of effort into the stud choice, the filming, the raw sex itself. The guys themselves are chosen with clear care and skill, and that in itself is worth commenting on here – plus there’s a surprising amount of variety. The wide variety of categories shows that for sure, but it really doesn’t stop there – the guys themselves show it, too! Black, latino, white, asian, and a variety of body types, though athletic and muscular definitely seem to be favored on that latter point. Add in the superb, passionate film-making, and we think you might be understanding why we were so impressed. As such, if you care about the soft factors in your gay porn – and we’re sure that many of you do – you should definitely follow along with us as we continue delving into the details.

Thousands of Videos To Enjoy!

Thankfully, the site itself is actually able to boast quite an enormous library – over 3,500 individual videos find their home within the collection here. One of the few downsides we noticed, though, is a pretty damn big one Updates used to be weekly – or so it seems – but now, things have slowed down, and the best word which we can use to describe them is “variable.” On the other hand, though resolutions are actually following tech pretty well, and you can – though this may not be surprising, as slick of a package as Rod’s Room seems to be overall – expect to stream many of the newest videos in up to full 4K. That is the modern standard, so you can expect these scenes to really pop on, and take full advantage of, your newest devices as a direct result of being filmed in such high resolution.

Michael Vegas Directing, Plus Network Access!

You may have heard of Michael Vegas – and if not, he’s become famous for great reason. His sense for casting, for energy in front of the camera and in sensual or rough situations is pretty much second to none, in our opinion. With him behind the helm of many of the scenes here, that is a pretty big positive for RodsRoom – but of course, that’s far from everything. These days, rodsroom.com is now part of a larger network called ASGMAX, which contains a number of other gay porn sites including Next Door Films, Disruptive Films, Acive Duty, Sodomy Squad, and Next Door Tabboo, among others. That means that even if you worked your way through the Rod’s Room content itself, there’d still be plenty of content here for you to watch and enjoy.

Solid Offering, Good Value

Frankly, we’ve detailed a lot about RodsRoom above, and most of it has absolutely been heavily tilted toward the positive side of the spectrum. It’s always impressive to see a site that does so much right, and with frankly competitive prices like these – including an inexpensive plan for streaming only, if you don’t prefer to download your porn – there’s very little here to dislike. The site is well put together and easy to browse, and we came away from Rod’s Room very pleased overall, to the point that we rather expect that, if you give this site a shot, you will too. It’s for sure a great cornerstone if you’re looking to start up a new, generalist, gay porn premium collection – among other things, of course.


  • Thousands of network videos
  • Site is still updating
  • Network access


  • Downloads cost more
  • Updates can be variable


3 Day Limited TrialRebills at $29.95/mo. until cancelled


1 Month Streaming OnlyRecurs every month at $19.95

$29.95 $19.9533% OFF

1 Month MembershipRecurs every month at $29.95


12 Months MembershipBilled yearly at $119.40


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