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If you’ve ever heard of the admittedly quite famous Stock Bar in Montreal, then you probably know what you’re getting into with this particular porn site – or at least the broad strokes. But we’ll bring you a fairly full perspective on the site regardless, as we always do. This site shows the bar’s famous male strip shows, and you can catch them every day through the week – or archived shows if you happen to be browsing for something during a time when the show simply isn’t live. The guys on stage vary – from muscular hunks to slimmer, more twinky types. But in general, you can expect cocks to mostly be uncut. Plus, the shows happen a solid five nights a week – that’s a reliable schedule, which as always is quite nice to see. Sometimes they’re solo, but you’ll also occasionally see group shows instead, and there are plenty of pole routines, dance routines, showers, and even masturbation to cumshot – variety is the watchword here. Plus, there’s lots of interaction with the audience, and you’ll note a lot of it if you’re watching through the site – these shows are definitely produced for the Stock Bar first, but that hardly hurts the site any. If anything, we think it helps!

Thousands of Archived Shows to Enjoy, Plus Other Videos

That schedule has so far produced a collection for the Stock Bar site of over 5,000 individual archived shows to enjoy. Naturally, with a new show most days of the week, that number is climbing fast. On top of that, there are studio shows with the bar’s various stripper models – interviews, jerk off sessions, and so on, that you can enjoy as well. Plus, there’s some bonus content as well, including parties and special events, like the Stock Idol competitions. To our minds, the library seems to be very well-rounded, and if you enjoy live shows of well-chosen studs, you ought to find quite a lot to enjoy within the collection here. Before we forget, though, there are also galleries from the live shows – but these don’t seem to include any Zip files, so there’s no convenient way to go ahead and simply download the galleries. Even so, the photos absolutely include some very sexy moments, and if you enjoy pics, then we think you’ll have fun with them. However, the lack of zip files is a theme – there are also no downloads offered, so don’t expect your membership to StockBar to help you build an offline collection at all.

Fairly Basic Features, Dual Language

Well, the focus is definitely on the live shows, and that does come up with the features – these are a little bit on the bare-bones side. The chatroom for the live shows is excellent, and when it’s open tends to be fairly active; but on the other side of things, a number of normal and expected features are simply not present. Ratings and comments, for example, are not part of the site design at all, and we found that somewhat disappointing for stockbar.com overall, despite the rather nice newsletter that is here. On the other hand, this being a Canadian site, there is something of a fairly unique feature that some of our readers might appreciate a great deal – Stock Bar is actually entirely available in Québécois French. As such, if you happen to be more comfortable in that tongue, especially when you’re relaxing, and just don’t want to deal with English – well, StockBar absolutely has you covered. With everything covered here and above, we think it’s clear to see why we came away from this site very impressed – the team here know exactly what they’re doing, and they’re focused hard on it.


  • Great live shows
  • Thousands of archives & bonus vids
  • Solid chat room


  • Some missing features

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