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This time around, we’re bringing you a closer look at a porn blog called The Sword, where the tagline is “Gay. Sex. Life.” — this one has a pretty simple setup. A bright, white, background, with a simple menu bar at the top – the most important elements here are “Sword Says” at the left, which brings you to a page of all the blog posts, and the search bar on the right. Between them and from the left, you’ll find NakedSword; which is a premium site in its own right, then live chat for cam guys, a place to leave tips for the blog, links for their podcast and socials, and a store link to GuyGear where you’ll find a sex shop. As far as navigation goes, that’s it – but that’s also pretty much all you need at TheSword, after all, it is just a simple blog. Scrolling through and search should suffice for the most part.

Given that, let’s talk about the content, which is a variety of gay premium porn teasers. And it’s all high-quality porn, too, with a huge variety of guys on screen and scenarios under consideration. Each one has a fun write-up, alongside a number of images to enjoy, a link back to the original, and below it all, a space for folks to comment as well. Each one, though, being all about a specific, new video,is a great resource – and it just might lead you to a new favorite premium site subscription if you let it! Overall, the Sword is all about letting you know about the best new porn videos – something similar to what we do here, but on the micro level of individual videos rather than entire sites. Given everything above, we think thesword.com is a solid resource if you’re looking for more gay porn to enjoy.


  • Many posts, with a great deal of variety
  • Lots of different actors featured


  • No content of its own, just teasers

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