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While today’s offering doesn’t have the web-traditional focus on porn videos, the gay porn comics at Twinky Toons are definitely worth your attention if you enjoy this kind of art yourself. Here, the porn is absolutely over the top in many ways, with not just relatively realistic fantasies, but also medieval outlaws, fun among the stars in space, and even teen werewolves – the fantastical is much the common case here. Even though it’s pretty focused overall, the site still manages to foster a pretty solid sense of variety among it’s various comics series. However, even with all that, there are some significant issues to get to regarding the library here, as unfortunate as that is. Let’s move over into the library details, so you can see what we mean by that.

What to Expect

Unfortunately, the main issue with TwinkyToons is the overall lack of content. While the site has been around for a good long while, now, it’s also been without updates for almost a decade, and definitely feels pretty abandoned as a result. This has resulted in a set of around sixty sets of content, with little-to-no realistic expectation for new uploads to ever return to this site again. Despite how hot much of the content it is, the twinks and tops drawn for you here seem to have their adventures quite simply frozen in time at this point. However, that’s not all your membership offers. Actually, this site is part of the Gay Life Network collection, and you’ll get full access to over half a dozen other sites from that collection as a standard bonus to your membership here. These include a nice variety of gain porn, though there is most definitely a focus overall on twinks. If you have a taste for twinks, like we do, you’ll have a lot of fun with the bonus sites.

The site, as you might expect given the last time new content was dropped at twinkytoons.com, is rather out of date, and feels like a product of its time. While there are big, descriptive thumbnails, the site layout itself seems to be like a blog of the time, with a central column of posts. We’re sure that most of you would be familiar with such, and why it’s – pretty simply – just far from the most optimal site design for something like that. That’s especially true with all the modern efforts that have gone into providing slick, responsive, and functional sites in the last few years – frankly, we think that you shouldn’t expect a lot of those modern usability tweaks and features at this site. However, even given that, the collection is just not large enough to make this a truly significant issue. Browsing ends up pretty easy, overall, as a result.


It’s time to be at least a little bit harsh, sadly. We’re all for the niche here at TwinkyToons, but if we’re going to be frank with you, dear readers, this site is far from the optimal design for this niche at this point. We’d really love to see updates and a refresh come back, but frankly that seems unlikely. As a result, most of the value in this site’s offer comes from the 6+ Gay Life Network sites that happen to come with your membership here. On the other hand, though, the comics that are here are absolutely hot, and provide a nice variety of settings and setups – and if you’re particularly into comics, that might be something that’s very valuable to you in and of itself. In that last case, twinktytoons.com does gain our recommendation overall.


  • Great gay comics porn
  • Nice twink-focused bonus sites


  • Older site design
  • No content updates in years


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