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You’ve probably heard about the golden age of porn and wondered if things were really that good back in the day. Before you find out, you should also know that this term applies to gay pornography as well. Proof of that is on websites like Vintage Gay Movies, which feature timeless gay classics from the beginning of the ’70s through the early and mid-’90s. These movies are all fantastic, and they feature a wide range of sexy gay men. At VintageGayMovies, you’ll see both the biggest stars of the time and horny amateurs who had the chance to make an appearance and show what they can do in the sack.


The first thing you need to know about VintageGayMovies is that its content isn’t dated. However, by visiting the site from time to time, I noticed that it was growing fast, although not always consistently. On average, you can expect 10 to 11 new scenes a month, which is great for today’s standards. As for the quality of the scenes, don’t expect modern resolutions or high bitrates, but I can tell you that they look good and have nice production values. The action is amazing though, and I have no complaints when it comes to it. You can expect a diverse range of sexual acts and themes, and more well-thought-out scenarios compared to those that you can find on most new gay porn sites.

Membership Plans and Bonuses

You should also know how Vintage Gay Movies and its parent network Studio Presse work. While you can purchase the unlimited streaming subscription plan, you can also opt for download tickets. The price of your membership will depend on the number of tickets you want to get. After buying a certain number of tickets, you can use them to view or save individual videos. However, that will be super expensive if you’re not a very casual gay porn fan who rarely watches something. In case you want to watch it every day or at least often, simply visit VintageGayMovies and get its unlimited streaming membership.


In my opinion, the ticket system is not convenient for most people who want to consume Vintage Gay Movies’ content, and opting for its unlimited streaming membership is the way to go. However, that subscription plan is also pricey compared to those on similar sites. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid VintageGayMovies at all costs. This is still a great site, and if you can afford to spend some extra bucks, it can be a nice addition to your subscriptions. It offers great classic gay porn videos, very frequent updates, a good interface, and a lot of bonus content.


  • Many classic gay porn movies
  • Frequent and regular updates
  • A lot of variety
  • Mobile-responsive user interface
  • Network access


  • Very expensive membership
  • Downloads cost extra


5 Tickets


10 Tickets


20 Tickets


50 Tickets


100 Tickets


1 Month MembershipRecurs every month at $59.95


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