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Your budget for bear porn doesn’t have to be better than “free” if you’re looking for variety and more in your hardcore offerings. In fact, some tubes do such a good job that they should be on your mind whenever picking a new porn site comes up. At Xvideos Gay & Bear, you’ll find plenty of mostly-amateur content starring fantastic bears, much of it being bear-on-bear, too. You’ll even find a great deal of Full HD content as well, and all of it feels pretty damn raw and real to our eyes. Lengths of course vary, but expect a long of shorter clips, 3 or 6 minutes, interspersed with long, full-length content as well. The variety isn’t just in run-time, though – there’s plenty of indoor, outdoor, backyard, interracial, partially clothed, solo, and even in cars porn to enjoy in the collection here. You’ll even find the occasionally light kink content, such as bondage or watersports, to round things out even further.

On top of all that, Xvideos/Gay&Bear is all on a well-designed, intuitive, and mobile-responsive site. There’s even a button in the upper right to allow you to switch the site from dark to light or vice versa – while we think dark is best overall, this option is even better, because we know some of you prefer white backgrounds and site designs. Plus, xvideos.com/?k=gay+bear has video quality, date, duration, view count, sorting options, as well as categories, indvidual channel views, and more. As such, we think the conclusion is pretty clear. For the absolutely enticing price of ‘simply free’, those of you with a taste for older, chunkier, and hairier bears in your porn will find Xvideos Gay & Bear a delightful addition to your regular tube rotation, and perhaps – just perhaps – the only tube you really need. We think you’ll very much enjoy this one, either way.


  • Great variety of mostly-amateur bear content
  • Very solid site & usability features


  • Lots of lower-resolution content
  • Updates are unpredictable

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