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Some of us are still very young, and some of us can still remember how it is to be young, wild, and free. All of us have probably done some crazy shit in the past, something that we wouldn’t even think of right now. The mischievous guys you’ll see in Young Perps’ scenes are adrenaline junkies who can’t resist shoplifting. They like to go to supermarkets and other shops to steal a bunch of stuff. Most of them do it for fun, but a few of them have money problems so they resort to stealing. However, they’re neither lucky nor skilled enough, as each one of them gets caught by a security guard who doesn’t have time for their bullshit excuses. After he catches them, he presents them with two options: to fuck with him or to end up in jail for their misdeeds. Well, let me just say that we wouldn’t have this porn site if they chose the first option.

What to Expect

The first 10 to 15 minutes of every scene show you young perps who are trying to persuade the security guard to forgive them for their crimes and just let them go. After they realize that the security guy has no mercy and won’t budge, they start to mull over their options. All of them realize that going to jail might ruin their future, so they opt for the other option: to have sex with him. The guard both likes to give head and stuff his fat cock in their sweet mouths. After that, he fucks them long and hard and then releases his warm load either in their tight butts or all over their faces and muscular bodies. Even though all of the perps are reluctant to indulge in gay sex at first, all of them seem to enjoy getting fucked and sucking his big cock. It’s super hot to hear them moan and squirm in pleasure while the security guard is deep inside their smooth buttholes.

Even better, Young Perps tend to release new scenes on a regular basis, which means that the security measures at the shops that these young men visit are top-notch. You can expect them to catch one perp every week. Unfortunately, this site doesn’t bring you access to any bonuses, and it doesn’t have any photo galleries with actual porn pics, just with vidcaps. On the plus side, all of the scenes that you’ll find at Young Perps are one hundred percent exclusive and available in various resolutions, including Full HD. You’re able to stream and download them without limits. You can also add them to custom playlists and leave your comments and ratings. I didn’t find the navigation difficult, although Young Perps would benefit by introducing a few more usability features.

My Opinion

This taboo gay porn site provides us with lengthy 1080p scenes that feature creative storylines and very sexy male studs. In addition, you can expect regular weekly updates. Young Perps’ collection is big enough to keep you busy for some time, but it would be even better if it came together with some bonus sites. Well, no gay site is perfect and that applies to Young Perps too. If you like shoplifting scenarios and want to watch high-quality gay porn in Full HD quality, make sure to join it.


  • Many Full HD gay porn scenes
  • Creative scenarios
  • A few handy usability features
  • Exclusive content
  • Mobile-friendly interface


  • No bonuses
  • Only vidcaps


1 Day Limited TrialRebills at $39.99/mo. until cancelled
1 Month MembershipRecurs every month at $29.95
6 Months MembershipBilled every 6 months at $119.95
12 Months Premium MembershipBilled yearly at $349

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