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All about hardcore gay encounters with studs and bears, YouPorn Gay /Bear is a familiar and easy to operate tube. When you pull up the home page, you’ll first see a few recommended videos, next to an ad, but if you scroll down a little bit, the entirety of the library opens up at your fingertips. There are sorting options, filters, and even resolution badging and run time badging on the thumbnails – meaning it’s got all the basic features that you’d expect from a functional tube, which as always always is great to see! When you click through, you’ll see subscription options, basic ratings, favorites options, a view count, and even a button to subscribe to the uploader. Subscription, naturally, is going to require a free account, but that’s a quick process at least. An account will also get you personalized recommendations, and a watch history feature too.

There are quite a few Full HD videos, but we didn’t see any 4K, among the roughly a thousand individual videos within the category. Within that collection, there’s plenty of chub bears, as well as tickling, bareback, blowjobs, power exchange, bondage, among much more. As a tube, unfortunately, it is quite difficult to say when or if new content will arrive, but on the other had you do get the rest of YouPorn Gay to lean on, in case you get through those thousand or so videos and they haven’t added more. YouPornGay/Bear hence does a very good job for its niche – we have definitely seen other teams mess up even ‘simple’ tubes, but this has all the variety and usability – and even a dark site design! — that you might want. As such, we’re actually quite happy to recommend youporn.com/gay/category/bear to anyone with a taste for bears, and chubby models, who prefers the free and simple experience that a tube brings with it.


  • Solid variety of gay content starring bears
  • Good tube functionality


  • Category library of videos is a bit small

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