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18 year old twinks here, there, and everywhere! That’s the core of the draw at Boys on Tube, and what a draw it is, after all. This site is a simple one, with a basic, grey design – not overly bright white, but still lightly colored overall. You can sort content by popular, rated, longest, or random, see the profiles of members / uploaders, or search through the content, all on the main menu bar. When you get down below, to the content itself, BoysOnTube keeps it simple and pretty legible. Each thumbnail is fairly clear with the information below it – you can see how many days ago it was posted, it’s length, it’s rating, and it’s views, plus it’s title, all under that thumbnail. Overall, it’s fairly well organized, and it makes it fairly easy to see what you’re looking at, at a glance.

When you click through to a specific video, the simplicity of the site’s usability continues at boysontube.com. Below the video you’ll find basic ratings opposite buttons for downloading, embedding, playlists, and flagging (to report videos that break rules, of course), and below this, uploader information, and tags. Some uploaders have used a wide variety of tags, which definitely helps a lot when you’re trying to find something specific, but unfortunately the behavior isn’t very consistent. There are also related videos here, if you choose to scroll down – we think you might find some hidden gems this way. After all, with over 20 pages of videos to leaf through, the library is quite large as it is. At the end of the day, we think that Boys on Tube is a pretty good addition to an existing twink-focused tube site, but it could certainly due with some more usability features overall. Keep this one in mind if your twink tube list is short one, though.


  • Lots of twink content
  • Good variety


  • Few features
  • No dark mode

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