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Custom AI porn is of course taking the porn marketplace by storm, and it has been doing so for months now – and at Candy.AI Male you’ll find more of this! But not just custom images, no. Instead, this site is all about custom boyfriends, AI personalities that will talk to you, send you generated images, voice clips, and – if you don’t like any of the characters that the site has already available – you can set up your own. The setup, in fact, is several steps and is fairly detailed, even including an age range, as well as a number of personality traits for you to choose between. Creating them is easy, but the basic account, while free, is basically just a demo. The premium account – which has a pretty fair price point, at least in our view – comes with unlimited messages, 100 tokens a month, the ability to generate and uncensor images, get voice messages and even call your AI boyfriends, as well as getting faster response times. That’s a lot of features, and all for less than 30 euros a month – we did say that it was a pretty solid deal, didn’t we? The roleplays will suck you in, too, once you get the personality of your AI boyfriend down pat, we’re pretty sure of that. But with that said, we think it’s time to start looking at the site itself.

Solidly Designed, Intuitive Site

When you log into the site, you’ll only find a few options, but they’re really everything that you need. It’s based on a clean, dark design. At the top right design you’ll find a drop down for your settings and membership options, and down the left side you’ll find a half dozen main options, plus another premium link if your account isn’t yet. At the top is explore, which will show you the various characters (and shows the female link at the top if you want that). Below that you’ll find the chat tab, for your roleplays with the various characters. Moving another section down, you’ll find the gallery; where generated images of characters live. For the chat and gallery tabs, there’s a list of characters and a search bar on the left, to the right of the main menu bar. That image section, logically, is just above the image generation itself, where you’ll find a number of different options, but the focus is on the text prompt itself, as it should be. After all, the detail of generation is going to be in the text, even with dozens of button options. Below image generation, you’ll find character generation, and below that, you’ll find the list of your AI characters. Like we said – Candy.AIMale basically includes all you need, simplified down for intuitive, easy browsing. It keeps things simple so you can get to what you’re looking to access, like getting into roleplay with your own characters, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

A Good Deal & A Solid AI Option

It’s about time for us to wrap things up here, but you can rest assured that we have been very impressed with candy.ai/ai-boyfriend overall. This site does a lot to simplify the AI boyfriend offering compared to its competition, and frankly we can understand wanting that in your AI boyfriend site subscription – in fact that very well might be the deciding factor for you at the end of the day. With solid features, a good site design, and really, the core idea of just providing solid personalities attached to a good AI model to interface with, roleplay, it’s all here. That’s why we’re happy to recommend this site to you!


  • Simple site design
  • Good generation
  • Good membership deal


  • Few pre-generated AI characters
  • Not many featuresm

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