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GirlfriendGPT Male Review

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Sometimes, it’s just easier and simpler to go with an AI boyfriend – a more perfect boyfriend for you – and that’s exactly what Girlfriend GPT Male offers to you. This AI offering is chock full of enormous numbers of pre-created male AIs to be your computer boyfriend, able to send you pics and voice clips at your direction – depending on the plan you happen to choose, of course; but naturally we’ll be getting into that momentarily. One of the things we love to see here on top of the hundreds of available male characters is the character creator. If you don’t find a character that’s a proper fit for you, or you just want to make something particular, you are absolutely welcome to make your own – as long as you happen to have a premium membership. This character creator is surprisingly detailed and quite in-depth, and making a character is in and of itself a process. That process will of course result in a character you can talk to and build a relationship with, but of course, they’ll need to be tweaked and perfected over time – both in conversation and out of it, as is the nature of these things if you really want the perfect AI boyfriend.

Two Tiers of Membership

The free membership at GirflriendGPTMale seems to us to primarily be a demo, so we’re mostly going to focus on the Deluxe and Premium plans instead. For the cheaper option, which is Premium and comes in at a very reasonable $15 per month, you get 5 thousand messages per month, general access to chat history, NSFW, and custom characters. Basically, this is your starter account. To gain full access, however, you’ll want to shell out $35 a month for Deluxe instead. This one ratchets up your monthly messages to 20 thousand, gives you uncensored NSFW, voice, deluxe characters, upgrades the AI memory available to you, and provides the option for in-chat images – basically, deluxe is where it’s at. And for the price they’ve pegged it at, we think that deluxe membership at this site is a pretty solid deal at the end of the day.

Solid Usability & Variety

Let’s talk for a while about the site itself, and the usabilities therein. Of course, there are a number of categories – male is one of them, although male and female are mixed throughout others, such as fictional, dominant, nsfw, submissive, anime, game, multiple, non-human, and more – resulting in a collection of tens of thousands of characters to enjoy, split among useful categories. You can also search with the bar along the top of the page, and next to it is a convenient toggle for NSFW results. Characters can be favorited, and characters you’ve made, favorited, and have had chats with, as well as top creators and creators you’re following, all show up in appropriately labelled tabs on the navigation bar that you’ll find on the left hand side of the site. On top of all that, there’s a bright/dark site toggle in the upper right – very convenient!

Good Value, Well-Realized AI Boyfriends

Frankly, gptgirlfriend.online/ai-boyfriend sets out to provide you with an AI boyfriend suited to your tastes specifically, and we think they do a great job of it! And at a fairly decent price overall, to boot! The Deluxe membership might feel ever so slightly expensive, but we feel it’s more than worth it. And if you’re looking for an AI boyfriend offering, we recommend placing this one on your shortlist. Due to all of the reasons above, GirlfriendGPT Male does gain our recommendation – really, we think it’s one of the better options in its niche right now.


  • Huge variety of AI boyfriends
  • Good account options
  • Voice & image generation


  • Deluxe account a little pricey

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