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I must say that LatinoSpank got me hooked from the get-go. As soon as I loaded the website, even before I clicked to log in, I was greeted with scene previews in which young and submissive guys were spanked by their fuck buddies. Not only were they super hot and had bubble butts that made my mouth drool, but their asses were so red and bruised that my jaw dropped open.

Also, these are not light spankings that you can see on most similar websites, but hardcore, merciless smacks on the butt that makes the guys on the receiving end beg and scream. Well, I’m sure that already sounds good enough, but you should also know one more thing. The videos on LatinoSpank.com always lead to steamy homosexual action that makes them even hotter than they already are.

Neat Design and Interface

The members’ area of LatinoSpank.com looks pretty decent. There’s a basic white background and a couple of other colors that appear, such as red, orange, black, and dark blue, which somehow blend in nicely with one another. While the website lacks scene descriptions, model profiles, and English subtitles to help you along when watching the videos, I can’t complain about its design, user interface, and overall functionality.

Everything works smoothly, the entire website is mobile-responsive, and the videos play on all of my mobile devices without any kind of issue. There are also various ways to search for content, plus it’s easy to find the newest updates. Speaking of them, LatinoSpank.com updates its collection on a regular basis, every Friday. This is a crucial thing to me, as this paysite is still new and it must continue to grow consistently to reach a decent size in the near future.

Plenty of Spanking and Other Things

Besides intense ass-smacking and grabbing, the videos on this gay paysite feature handjobs, anal gaping, face-fucking, rimming, and last but not least, plenty of bareback anal penetration. In my opinion, this is what makes Latino Spank better than many of its competitors which scenes include only spankings and nothing else.

If you only want to see guys getting their asses slapped until they get all red, warm, and bruised, you’ll be fine. But if you also want to see them putting their tight assholes and cute mouths to work, you won’t leave LatinoSpank.com disappointed, I guarantee you that. Because of that, Latino Spank is one of the most attractive sites in this niche to join.

Huge Variety of Cute Guys

When it comes to the models on LatinoSpank, there are plenty of cute guys who are always able to endure hardcore spanking, although they often struggle, wince, and even whimper. However, I would like to talk about the star of the site first. The spanker in all of the scenes I watched was a bearded, rugged man from South America.

He is most probably Colombian, if my guess is right, and he seems to be around 30 years old. He has a mean look, an athletic body, and a quite large, uncut cock. Unfortunately, LatinoSpank doesn’t provide any information on him. The bottoms and boys who are getting spanked are all in their early 20s, plus I’ve seen some guys that are possibly barely legal. They have either slender or athletic bodies, and most of them rock a clean-cut look with no tattoos, piercings, or any facial or body hair.


This gay spanking porn site has found a great way to combine merciless ass-smackings and hardcore anal penetration. The scenes are intense, with a lot of things going on, and it would be nice if they added subtitles in the near future so that those of us who don’t speak Spanish understand them better.

But all in all, the content is great, and the spanker and the boys look stunning. The biggest problem with LatinoSpank is that it’s still new and small, but its regular update schedule should take care of it. However, its smaller size shouldn’t be the reason why you don’t sign up, as you’ll find many additional gay spanking videos on the bonus site called Bad-Lads.


  • Intense spanking sessions
  • Bareback fucking and other hot things
  • New updates come out every Friday
  • Mobile-compatible website and content
  • Access to a bonus gay spanking website


  • No downloads are available
  • Some of the videos don’t fit the theme
  • No video descriptions or a model index
  • No English subtitles


1 Month MembershipRecurs every month at $29.99


6 Months MembershipBilled every 6 months at $99.99


12 Months MembershipBilled yearly at $169.99


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