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I’ve seen a lot of crazy and interesting stuff while doing my reviews for Best Gay Sites, but what I saw on Literotica/Gay takes the cake. I understand that many people like to talk about their past partners and share their sex stories with their friends, but posting these stories and sharing every little detail on Literotica is a whole new level of being comfortable. From humiliating anecdotes to spicy stories of secret gay affairs, this site has it all.

Literotica.com is not a porn site, but a community where individuals share their experiences, fantasies, and a lot of other things. All you’ll find are these stories, so if you were hoping to find any porn pics, videos, or even GIFs, better try to find them elsewhere. But some of these stories are so good that you won’t need to watch any kind of porn, it’ll be enough to read them. Hell, they might even inspire you to try something that you’ve been secretly yearning for a long time!


  • Many good stories
  • Multiple daily updates
  • Easy navigation


  • Very basic interface

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