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If you want to read gay sex stories, from embarrassing ones to those that share the most explicit details of intense sex affairs, look no further than Literotica. You won't find any porn here, but the stories are so steamy that you won't even need it!

Unlike most other sex story websites that mostly focus on straight and lesbian content, this one actually has a large number of erotic gay tales in its archive. Visit LushStories/gay to start reading them for free.

NiftyGayStories looks like one of those websites that randomly open when you’re browsing free porn tubes and clicking on videos to watch. I’m not sure why sex story sites usually have such basic designs. Hell, maybe I’m different and these design actually work pretty great for most people, I really don’t know. But at least […]

Metabods caters to a very specific audience. They publish stories from skilled authors that talk about fictional adventures of horny gay men who have enhanced and augmented body parts.

If you decide to use GayAuthors for your daily dose of homosexual erotic stories, you'll be able to check out juicy tales written by around 1,500 authors, many of whom are skilled and versatile.

GaySpiralStories differs from most other similar websites because it openly claims that its gay erotic stories are made up. If you like fantasy gay stories that include things like mind control and reprogramming, you'll like it.

From erotic tales about college fuck buddies to erotic gay stories about orgies that take place in gym locker rooms, JuicySexStories/gay is full of great stuff that you'll enjoy reading and fapping to.

AGaySex is free porn site with erotic gay stories that are super hot and seemingly authentic. Most of them don't feel exaggerated like it's often the case with similar sites and subreddits.

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