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Feeling a hankering for seeing a variety of amateur gay dudes pounding each other in a variety of situations and not having to pay a dime for the privilege? Well, while your desires might be slightly specific, but never fear – we can still point in the right direction. In this case, that direction happens to to be toward r/AmateurGayPorn, which is exactly what it sounds like – a subreddit that’s all about amateur couples fucking for your viewing enjoyment! Here you get all the usual Reddit UI benefits, of course. If you choose to use an account – it’s easy to sign up for, by the way – you can follow reddit.com/r/AmateurGayPorn/ and as many other subreddits as you like. Search is easy, across the top for both within the subreddit and across reddit, depending on whether the bar is currently badged. Each post has comments and basic ratings, and you can easily sort the posts by best, hot, or new as you like, too. Plus, light and dark modes really help, especially on brighter, more modern displays.

What about new content? Well, it seems like content is dropped very frequently at r/ Amateur Gay Porn, with a pretty active collection of around 130 thousand users. That means that most days, you should expect to see new content here – and some days, you’ll see a surprising amount of new short videos within the subreddit. This makes it especially appealling if, as part of a reddit account, you chose to follow this and several other subreddits that follow to your tastes. That results in you gaining a great deal of free porn, delivered to a home page and sorted as you like there, for the grand price of free, all the time. On that basis, we can absolutely recommend this subreddit.


  • Delightfully active subreddit, full of videos of amateur gay couples going at it – and it does really seem to be home made content


  • The videos here sadly tend to be on the shorter side, so you might end up flipping through several of them at any given time

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