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Amateur bears, all day long every day – with frequent, if naturally quite unpredictable, updates. That’s the experience at r/GayBears, which you might already know to expect. It is a subreddit, after all – they do tend to run to a theme. This one’s got a good set of rules – you can expect that the porn is just simple porn here. By that, we mean that the r/ Gay Bears moderators have chosen to enforce rules against paid content – the subreddit is simply for sharing amateur gay bear content, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you happen to be in great luck here. You’ll find lots of cocks, plenty of cock shots, some leather harnesses, and even some short videos, and that’s just a few highlights we noticed scrolling the first few pages. This is a subreddit, of course, so you can easily sort by new, best, or even my recent and popular, which reddit calls ‘hot’ as you might already be familiar with.

That’s all well and good, of course, but the other advantage at reddit.com/r/gaybears/ of course, is that, you can easily grab an account, vote, comment, follow the subreddit, follow other subreddits, and easily amass a collection of free porn that you can very easily enjoy at any time from just about any device. With great usability, frequent new content, a fantastic price of zero dollars, an account that applies to exactly as many subreddits as you want it to – including the ability to browse account-less if you happen to prefer that – it’s a lot. As a result, we think that r/GayBears is a superb addition to an amateur bears collection, and we can happily recommend it. We doubt that you’ll find many frustrations in the way of enjoying yourself here, if you choose to add this one to your regular rotation.


  • Familiar, intuitive, and well-developed subreddit UI with a fairly solid, feature set, plus a good user base resulting in frequent content updates.


  • It’s difficult to call out a downside within context of what r/GayBears intends to be, but perhaps the lower user base compared to other subreddits counts.

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