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If you’re looking for dick pics, we know just where you’re going to find the largest variety of the freshest picks – and it’s all for free, too. The subreddit r/ Penis is really all about dick shots, and is loud and proud about it, so enjoying basically every kind of dick photo you can think of is only a few clicks away. Plus, they’ve got almost half a million followers, so you can expect that new content will be uploaded by many different folks quite often – usually multiple times a day, usually every day. One thing to note, however, is that the moderators at this subreddit have made the choice to ban paid content promotion, which means the content you’ll find uploaded here will – at least ostensibly – be actually homegrown solo cock porn. It’s always nice to see that element, as we’re sure you’ll agree.

Of course, as you may have seen for yourself or on one of our other subreddit reviews, the Reddit usability that r/Penis enjoys is actually quite solid. This starts with a search bar at the top – you can click away from the subreddit badge if you’d like to search all of reddit instead of just r/Penis, too. There’s also, at the top of the page, easy options to switch between top, hot, and new posts, depending on your preference, and how much filtering you want the reddit.com/r/penis community to be doing for you before you get to it. And of course, as we’ve mentioned before, this being a subreddit also means that if you choose to make yourself an account – which is of course a quick and painless process – you can easily and quickly subscribe to this subreddit and as many others as you like, in order to create for yourself a customized feed to log into and enjoy whenever you like.


  • Great features
  • Good subscription option (free!)
  • Lots of content, uploaded often


  • Very focused niche

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