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RealMaleSpankings Review

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Real Male Spankings recruits sexy college dudes who are in their early 20s. These cute, submissive boys enjoy getting their asses smacked hard by bare hands, leather belts, wooden paddles, and other things that are convenient to use for spanking. Since these are real spankings, expect no mercy and plenty of red and bruised asses. Well, that shouldn’t be surprising since the homepage of RealMaleSpankings.com features the words “Real Spankings. Real Tears. Real Punishment.”

What to Expect

RealMaleSpankings took a break from releasing new content several years ago, and although the tour now promises new content every single week, that’s not really the case. I was happy when I saw that they started making content again, as such intense and interesting gay spanking videos are hard to find, but I soon realized that it’s recycled. But still, this paysite has around 90 hot videos, and the boys are really hot, so you might not want to give up on it yet.

Besides merciless ass-smacking, Real Male Spankings videos include a wide range of BDSM elements, such as bounding, gagging, and humiliation. The videos range in length, and their run times are between several minutes and half an hour. No DRM is used, the quality is okay, and the scenarios are super creative. Every scene is significantly different from the rest, and both the dialogues and plots are amusing. Also, both the videos and the website are compatible with mobile devices.


RealMaleSpankings.com hasn’t added anything new in several years, and it probably won’t add new content ever again. However, that doesn’t mean the site is not good at all or something like that. In fact, it has some of the best spanking gay porn I’ve seen, even though it’s not available in Full HD or 4K. In addition, all of the guys are super hot, the scenes boast creative scenarios and dialogues, plus the locations they use are really interesting.

On the other hand, apart from not growing anymore, RealMaleSpankings doesn’t offer model profiles and its membership is quite expensive, especially for a site that recycles updates. It’s up to you to decide if you want to join it or not, but if the lack of updates is an issue, check the other spanking porn sites we’ve reviewed.


  • Authentic male spanking sessions
  • Many hot guys getting brutally punished
  • Downloadable, mobile-compatible videos
  • Mobile-friendly design and interface


  • The content is being recycled
  • The membership is expensive
  • No model profiles

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