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SodomySquad Review

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The Sodomy Squad are the defenders of a city called Fucktropolis. When the city needs to be saved or has any other big problem, these rugged-looking men are there to come to its rescue. However, they often get distracted by huge cocks, so they indulge in hot gay action. This group of sexy misfits serve as Fuctropolis’ first line of defense, and their main goal is to defeat Doctor Power, a ruthless villain whose biggest dream is to conquer the city and put it under his control. This evil tycoon and his faithful robot warriors have already caused a lot of problems in the city. By watching SodomySquad episodes, you’ll find out more.

Content & Bonuses

Let me say it right away that I believe that SodomySquad is one of the best places on the web with animated gay porn that I’ve encountered since we launched this review site. This isn’t something I’d say lightly, but it’s true. As you could see from my introduction, Sodomy Squad features a very captivating story.

Other than that, its characters are nicely drawn and have dicks that are not just enormous, but also incredibly beautiful. The sex scenes combine an interesting story and amazing gay hardcore action. The sexy cartoon boys on this ASGMax channel enjoy indulging in a variety of sex acts and positions, plus the quality of the videos is great. On top of that, joining SodomySquad will bring you full network access. That means you’ll have thousands of videos and pictures to go through, as well as look forward to regular updates across the ASGMax network.


Although Sodomy Squad is still a very small channel that has been around for less than a month (as of the time of writing), I recommend joining it. This isn’t only because both the quality of the sex cartoons and their storylines are exceptional, but also because signing up will give you full access to ASGMax, which is already regarded as one of the best premium gay porn networks out there.


  • Captivating theme and storyline
  • A wide range of nicely drawn man
  • Plenty of big cocks and sexual acts
  • Full access to the rest of the network
  • Mobile-friendly interface with modern features


  • Not a lot of episodes on Sodomy Squad


3 Day Limited TrialRebills at $29.95/mo. until cancelled


1 Month Streaming OnlyRecurs every month at $19.95

$29.95 $19.9533% OFF

1 Month MembershipRecurs every month at $29.95


12 Months MembershipBilled yearly at $119.40


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