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TastyTwink Review

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Twinks are often relegated to category pages or tags, but once in a while, a site will come along that really focuses on these delightful guys. That’s Tasty Twink, which is mostly run and filmed by Trace Van de Kamp, a name you should know if you’re starting to look into gay porn. He even stars in some of the POV films. So there’s definitely POV and oral, plus solo, and hardcore as well. We’ll get more into variety later, but you can definitely be sure that the promise in the name TastyTwinks is well-honored here – twinks are on screen in basically every scene, and the filmography does a fantastic job of really showing off these well-chosen models.

What to Expect

Sometimes there’s foot fetish kink, recorded cam shows, threesomes, and quite a bit more. I like that even solo scenes at Tasty Twink are varied and keep the interest up – there’s a wide selection of different things happening, even when you’re just watching your favorite twink alone on the screen. Unfortunately, things haven’t been added to at the site for a little over ten years now. It seems that new content may not be returning here, which very much lowers the value offer overall at this site. On the other hand, there are other sources of value, and Tasty Twink can actually came quite a few bonus sites included with your membership – standard, too. No need to upgrade to get access. These bonuses included kinky “kidnapping” scenarios, thug reality scenes, more foot fetish content, as well as more beyond that. You can even find more young, twinky studs, too. As such, we feel that despite the quantity and update issues, the sense of variety is very definitively here. That certainly helps the site, and there’s even more here that, frankly, we just don’t have time to detail further.

TastyTwink has a nice, dark layout, too. You’ll find a claim of hundreds of videos, with delightful thumbnails. Each has tags, a nice title, an associated gallery, and even view counts right below that thumbnail. Pagination is pretty decent, but the pages at tastytwink.com are just a little long if anything. Frankly, given the site’s overall size, we feel that the utility is pretty good. Things could be improved, but the largest improvement would actually be as simple as a return to updates – and that’s something that we don’t really expect to see from TastyTwink. Honestly, the site surprised us in a number of ways, and that’s meant in a positive manner. The filmography, the variety, the guys chosen to star as the eponymous twinks – yeah, guys. It’s all here, save for that one larger issue of updates which we mentioned above. It’s nice to see a bit of a time capsule, too, with the style and sensibilities of gay porn from around a decade ago well-displayed at this site.

My Opinion

Frankly, the number of sites contained in this membership may seem a lot, but that’s really how you get quantity here, that’s thanks to the update situation. On the other hand, though, the quality is surprisingly good, the variety is pretty much sky-high, with a great mix of niches like kinks, reality, and POV porn, and the twinks featured just look great on-screen in these gay porn scenes. Without updates, it’s important to remember as you decide that the site simply won’t grow, and it still ends up with tastytwink.com being a worthwhile, and solid option – thanks to variety, quality, and bonus access all coming together. The site’s offer still ends up very solid at the end of the day, and frankly, that’s impressive.


  • Great variety of content
  • Nice bonus sites
  • Great-looking dark site
  • Solid twink choice


  • Overall lack of updates
  • Smaller site collection


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