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CockVille Review

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Have you played FarmVille or at least heard of it before? If the answer is yes and you found it at least a little bit interesting, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy CockVille. This is one of the most popular gay porn games at the moment. In my opinion, its theme is somewhat strange considering that this is a game for adults. But somehow, it works and manages to be keep my attention every time I play. If this sounds exciting, keep on reading and find out all you need to know about its storyline and gameplay.

Storyline & Gameplay

The gameplay of CockVille takes place at a lovely farm where you’ll need to grow crops and meet many sexy male clients who aren’t just hungry for fresh food, but also want to get a taste of your big cock and tight ass. Your main mission is rather simple – grow high-quality, delicious crops and make sure that your handsome customers leave the farm with a smile on their face and empty balls.

As for the town of CockVille, it’s a peaceful place that happens to have many gorgeous men who are excited to meet with you. In total, you’ll be able to enjoy more than one hundred erotic scenes and take advantage of a wide range of options and features. Even better, the game gets updated regularly with new features and characters, which makes it super exciting.


While it sometimes takes bit long to unlock sex scenes and the fact that there is plenty of clicking involved, this is a fantastic gay porn game with sexy characters, a creative storyline, and cool features. If you like the farm theme and the way this game is played, you can head to Nutaku.net right away and start for free. You’ll have lots of fun, as this is a great game!


  • Captivating gameplay
  • Well-thought-out story
  • Many good-looking characters
  • Lots of features
  • Free to play


  • Some sex scenes take a while to unlock
  • There’s a lot of clicking involved in the game

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