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GayHarem Review

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Porn games can be very engaging to play, plus they can also make us horny as hell. If you happen to be in the mood to play a game for adults that combines hentai themes and gay cartoon porn, start with Gay Harem. This interesting game takes you on adventures on which you collect sexy dudes for your harem. From young muscle hunks to rugged-looking warriors with strong bodies and a lot of battle scars, you’ll encounter a variety of nicely drawn gay characters. While you can play GayHarem completely for free, there are also different game buy-ins that you can get to boost your experience.


Going on adventures is the best thing you can do while playing GayHarem. The gameplay is smooth, and each one of these adventures takes you to a different town or land in the game map. You can also expect plenty of dialogue and frequent sexual acts. These include blowjobs, rimming, threeways, breeding, and more. Also, since Gay Harem is a clicker game, you’ll need to keep clickin in order to move through the pages. There’s very little animation, but this is expected with this type of games.


The handsome and well-endowed cartoon characters might be my favorite thing about this gay porn game. Your character in Gay Harem is a college dude that is well-built and cute as fuck. He has a very pretty face and wears glasses. You’ll be able to adjust him a bit in order to make him appeal more to your particular taste. When it comes to the guys you can add to your gay harem, there are twinks, jocks, hunks, and muscle men. Each guy in the harem pays you a certain amount of money, which you can use to get new guys, raise their affection and experience levels, and more.

Drawbacks & Conclusion

Apart from the fact that GayHarem battles don’t show actual sex and that there’s little to no animation, I have no complaints. If you’re used to the clicker games for adults and don’t mind the things I’ve just said, then go ahead and start playing Gay Harem. After all, this is a totally free game, and you won’t be required to purchase anything with your real money until you decide to do so. GayHarem is an interesting adult game, with many usability options, a great map, and a lot of cute and sexy gay cartoon characters.


  • You can play it for free
  • A wide range of handsome cartoon guys
  • Plenty of levels and activities
  • You can adjust the main character
  • New things added every single month


  • Membership prices are only in EUR
  • Little to no animation in the game
  • No actual sex shown during the sex battles

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