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Nutaku.net is a very well-known platform for adult games that you can access for free. On top of that, most of their titles are free to play, and the games that require you to purchase them beforehand aren’t expensive at all. Today, we’re going to talk about Nutaku Gay in detail. This is a separate section of Nutaku.net dedicated to their gay audience. Even though there aren’t many gay adult games in their collection, this site is definitely worth visiting. Let’s now get into the details!


While Nutaku.net provides its users with the chance to check out and play a significant number of lesbian adult games, that’s not the case with the gay section. This is somewhat intriguing, as I’d expect to see a similar number of titles for their users in these two sections. When it comes to Nutaku gay games, they tend to focus less on intricate storylines and more on the action itself.

However, Blush Blush puts more emphasis on its captivating storyline, while also offering many other cool things. As for the rest of the games at Nutaku Gay, their simplicity is key. They aim to provide an abundance of explicit scenes and not tire you out with long storylines. But in the end, it all depends on what you want to see. Another good thing about Nutaku Gay is that you’ll be able to enjoy these games on your mobile devices. You’ll be able to play them by using the mobile version of the site or its dedicated app.


Unfortunately, there are only six games in the Nutaku Gay section, but at least they’re all good and interesting. In my opinion, Gay Harem and Blush Blush stand out as the most entertaining titles. But the rest of the games, including Men Bang, Booty Calls, Cockville, and FAP CEO, offer nice gameplay features and also have cool aesthetics. Whether you prefer to spend your free time playing farming simulations, auto-playing games, or casual match-up titles, Nutaku.net offers a very nice variety to choose from.


  • High-quality games for adults
  • Modern user interface and design
  • Most of the games are free to play
  • Many payment options are available to use
  • Mobile-friendly website, along with a mobile app


  • Not that many gay adult games

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