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FapCEO: MenStream Review

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If you like gay porn games that are more on the casual side, FapCEO: MenStream should satisfy your needs. Although this game isn’t super intense and is intented to be played when you want to relax, it’s amazing because it’s full of great animation and handsome male characters. Here, you play the role of a CEO who’s trying to build a successful webcam empire.

You’re in charge of many hung and sexy cam boys, and as the game progresses, you’ll be able to increase their levels, which will make more money for your company. FAPCEO: MenStream is another game from Nutaku Gay, which means high-quality and fun gameplay is guaranteed.

Storyline & Gameplay

As the CEO of the company, you have the opportunity to scout and hire the absolute cutest and sexiest cam boys. Each one of them has distinct character traits and style, and that will help you build a great cam gay website as you progress through the numerous game levels. The aesthetics of the game is also very nice, plus it’s possible to play it for free. However, if you play it too long and don’t combine with at least one other gay adult game, it might get a bit repetitive, but maybe that was just me.


FapCEO: MenStream is a great idle clicker game with an interesting plot and a wide range of characters with unique personality traits and physical appearances. Moreover, FapCEO: MenStream offers you to take advantage of a wide range of features for free. But if you’re willing to pay a bit, you’ll find this game even better, as you’ll be able to skip the long and annoying waiting times.


  • You can play it for free
  • Amazing artwork
  • Varied characters
  • Interesting theme
  • Mobile-friendly interface


  • In-game purchases are pricey
  • Can get a bit repetitive

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