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JuicySexStories/gay Review

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JuicySexStories/gay is unlike any other sex story website I have recently seen, or ever, for that matter. Compared to most other ones I have found until now, Juicy Sex Stories is really huge and diverse, although it mostly focuses on their straight audience. From articles about erotic escapades that are full of tension and secret love affairs to gay sex stories that talk about wild and crazy orgies that take place in gym locker rooms, JuicySexStories.com is full of great stuff.

When it comes to its section with gay sex stories, while it doesn’t update often (you can expect a new story every few months), they are high in quality and don’t seem too or maybe even slightly exaggerated. Even though their gay section is considerably smaller than sections that talk about BDSM, cuckold, and even lesbian adventures, it currently offers 11 pages. These pages are full of amazing stories that are simply great to fap to. Overall, while JuicySexStories/gay might not be the site with the most gay stories, it’s still a good destination. Because of that, I highly recommend it to our readers.


  • Many good sex stories
  • Great design and interface
  • Unique style of the website
  • Properly mobile-compatible
  • A lot of different sections


  • Disruptive ads
  • No search engine

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