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MenBang Review

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As you might already now, Nutaku.net adult games are among the best. While their gay section remains surprisingly small, the quality is fine, no doubt about it. One of the titles you can play there for free is MenBang, which will be the main topic on this page. The first thing that caught my attention was not the graphics or the main story, but the fact that this gay porn game has great-looking cartoon versions of real-life porn performers. For example, certain game levels features guys like Francois Sagat and Brandon Cody, among others.


In the Men Bang game, you will begin your erotic adventure as a taxi driver who needs to pick up none other than William Seed. Your goal is to make a sex movie with him, and then proceed to do the same thing with the other guys you encounter. You’ll give him gifts, resort to sweet-talking, and do many other things to try to win his affection.


The gameplay of MenBang involves plenty of repetitious clicking, which it’s a common thing when it comes to games like this. This is needed to get up to a required number of hearts, as each new level requires more of them. But you’ll also be able to record scenes, learn the necessary sex skills you need to shoot a scene with your favorite gay pornstars, collect money from businesses that you’ll buy, and play different kinds of challenges that will help you boost your character and progress further in the game.

Drawbacks & Conclusion

Unfortunately, MenBang will make you wait a lot when progressing from one level to another. Well, unless you agree to spend your real-life money and purchase additional in-game diamonds with which you can skip the waiting times. I’m sure many of you will want to play MenBang for free, which is why it’ll be frustrating to wait hours to continue playing. However, it’s possible to earn enough of these diamonds while playing the game, but it won’t be easy at all.

Another thing that bothered me a bit is that MenBang didn’t include any pornstar vocals, which would be a nice touch. But overall, Men Bang is far from a bad gay adult game, even with these two significant drawbacks. You’ll have the chance to play lots of levels and indulge in a wide range of activities, as well as enjoy the game for free without sharing your card details. Also, if you don’t mind paying some real-life cash, you’ll appreciate the starter pack and the other perks you can purchase with it.


  • Cartoon versions of real-life pornstars
  • A lot of levels and different activities
  • Possible to play it for free
  • Need to share your bank card details
  • A great-value starter pack for paying members


  • No pornstar vocals
  • Waiting times are super long

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