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Sometimes it’s just gotta be the feet of a hot guy, and that’s exactly what Gentlemen’s Closet is here to provide! Bare feet, dress shoes, nylons, and a lot more are here! Including toe sucking, cocksucking, and proper anal as well. The site has a great sense of sexy stars, including some great amateurs, but we will say early that unfortunately, there’s little to speak to in regards to model info. On the other hand, though, the filming is very solid overall, with a great sense of style and significant focus on the hot stars’ feet, as you’d naturally expect from a site with a foot fetish focus. The variety in foot coverings is also surprising, and quite nice – you can go from bare feet to dress socks and dress shoes to hose and more, and then back to work boots, and you’ll find it all on the same site.

What To Expect

At Gentlemen’sCloset, the newest videos have been, for some time, available in up to Full HD resolutions. You can, as with many sites, choose smaller resolutions, in case you don’t have the bandwidth or your display isn’t Full HD, which is nice, but we’d definitely like to see this site make the jump to 4K if at all possible. The library is well over five hundred videos, but updates are rather slow. We’d caution you to not expect more than 2-3 new videos to drop, on average, in any given month. We’d certainly like to see that improved – after all, it’d definitely mean a lot more content for the site! However, there are also the photo sets, and there are almost as many of these as there are videos, with a bit of variance in resolutions and in set sizes. That said, though, the picture galleries are quite nice overall. We think that if you have a taste for photos as well as being into the niche here, you’ll enjoy these galleries.

The streaming-only option is a good way to save some money, too, if you find the full membership to be a bit too expensive for you. It’s good to have choice, but on the other hand, there are some definitely glaring missing features. Actor credits are not always complete, there is no model index, and the search box is basic – and seems to be a little buggy on occasion, at least to us. Even without the model index or consistent actor crediting, we can see that there are some big names here. Max Lorde and Zac Bishop and Dale Savage all come to mind as great example, in fact. At the same time, there are many amateurs and newcomers, showing that gentlemenscloset.com is not opposed to shining the spotlight on unknowns if they’re good on screen – and we certainly think they are!


It can certainly be difficult to build a foot fetish collection with a sense of style and quality going into every choice, we know that. While Gentlemen’s Closet does have issues here and there, but overall this site is doing a great job of providing high-quality, high-variety, hot gay foot fetish content. As such, we certainly feel that this is a great option if you’re looking to add some sites to an existing collection, or even to start your collection somewhere – you could certainly do a lot worse than slow but regular updates and Full HD resolutions, plus a solid selection of gay stars on screen alongside amateurs. It’s our opinion overall, therefore, that Gentlemen’sCloset is very much worth the cost, especially if you don’t need or want downloads and would be happy with the streaming-only option that they’ve chosen to provide.


  • Full HD resolutions on many newer videos
  • Established studs and fresh amateurs alike star


  • Some site oddities
  • Updates are slow


1 Month Streaming OnlyRecurs every month at $19.95


1 Month MembershipRecurs every month at $29.95


3 Months MembershipBilled every 3 months at $60.00


12 Months MembershipBilled yearly at $120.00


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