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Feet! This is a kink that’s been building in popularity and momentum and now, for those of you into it, there are a wide variety of porn sites catering to this precisely. One of those is My Friends Feet, which is all about hot hunks, often shirtless or fully nude, getting their feet sniffed and worshipped by other guys. You’ll also fine some bondage, tickle torture, and foot licking and sucking, plus the occasional handjob or footfucking. The model choice is definitely on point, with a pretty good sense of variety to the guys in front of the camera here. Some are more jock, some more alt, with great tattoos. The tickling chair itself is also a delightful addition, and it definitely helps to give this site a feeling of variety overall, but we’re getting a little ahead of things, aren’t we?

What to Expect

Unfortunately, the site interface at My Friends Feet is both quite dated and very oddly minimal in terms of usability. It’s got a bright white background, and doesn’t really adjust well to wide browser windows on desktop. On top of that, a number of features are missing. While there is a search, it’s on the basic end of the spectrum, and we’d recommend you not expect to find comments, or favorites, or even tags either. In fact, once you find what you’re looking for, we think the site will fade into the background each time you visit, and end up not being an issue overall. Thankfully, basic ratings and sorting options, as well as a number of categories, a photo browsing tab, and a model index actually are here. MyFriendsFeet also has a few channels on various social media – for user pics, for submitted stories, things like that. We think it’s pretty nice to see, but a site refresh would probably help a great deal too.

The library is actually pretty extensive as well. There are near to a thousand videos within the collection at myfriendsfeet.com, and it’s even better than that, because it appears that updates are fairly regular. New content appears to drop, in fact, 2-3 times a week on average, or every 2-3 days. It’s lovely to see the site being so committed to it library, and it’s also lovely to see the inventiveness they’re displaying – tickling feet with toothbrushes does seem to be a semi-regular feature here, after all. Plus some light bondage to support that tickling, as well. And of course, they’ve developed a great style of filming both the act of, and the aftereffects from, manly feet getting fucked. If you’re into feet, yeah, we think you’ll enjoy the cumshots that this site will want to put in front of you.

My Opinion

It’s hard to find high-quality, really great, foot fetish gay porn. And frankly, My Friends Feet does provide exactly that with good model choice, solid filming, and even inventive variety. On top of that, they’ve got a solid library count, and they’re updating at a very nice schedule. That results in our being pretty happy with their service, despite the fact that the site could use a fairly extensive overhaul.. It’d be nice to see it improved, but we’re saying that’s not necessary. As it is the variety, quality, Full HD resolutions, and more all come together to make MyFriendsFeet a great offering within this particular, and often under-served, niche. If you’re looking for great-looking guys getting their feet sniffed, sucked, massaged, licked, fucked and jizzed on, and even tickle tortured, you won’t go wrong here. As such, we can quite happily recommend this site to anyone who is into the niche.


  • Nicely varied, high-resolution content focused on feet
  • Regular updates adding to the already nice library
  • Useful categories and model index


  • Site could really use a redesign
  • Some features are missing


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