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Sketboy Review

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We always find it interesting when gay site names come from or are influenced by other languages – though it’s not rationally reliable, it suggests content that’s more exotic, coming from a different perspective culturally. The term ‘sketboy’ actually is French slang, and it comes from the idea of a ‘skater boy’ or something similar – appropriate, given these toned jocks are interested in smelling eachother’s socks and feet, on top of hardcore anal, and oral. You’ll also get plenty of rough sex, pissing, masturbation, and even gentler sex scenes. At the end of the day, the concept is not so specific that Sketboy can’t provide a great deal of solid variety within its content library. But with that said, we think it’s time to dig into this site a little deeper and more completely, to get you a better idea.

What To Expect

Now, let’s really dig deep, and we’ll start with the videos themselves. The library at Sketboy is actually getting quite big. As of the time of writing for this review, you can expect to find around 1,700 individual videos, though unfortunately it seems that the site chooses to exaggerate video counts, and some videos do seem to have been removed. On the other hand, though, updates seem to come quite regularly, so you can expect new content to drop several times a week here on average. Resolutions on the newest videos are available in up to Full HD 1080p, but keep in mind that if you enjoy downloading your porn and enjoying it offline, you will have to pay extra for that here. This is unfortunate, of course, but it’s also far from rare these days. We’d like to see it change, but at the same time, we also don’t know how difficult it is to make profit on porn from a French perspective! It might be necessary.

On the other hand, however, there are a lot of bonus sites included with your membership to Sket boy, and I do mean a lot. These include muscle porn, twinks, interracial, ethnic, simply french, bondage and fetish, leather, vintage, military and uniform, and frankly much more. The selection of bonus sites, or ‘theaters’ of gay porn that you get with your membership is huge, and while most of them only have a few hundred videos each, it really adds up overall. This means that, even if you get tired of the foot-focused and toned guys who feature on sketboy.com itself, you will still have piles and piles of quality french gay porn to enjoy until you want to come back to those feet. That in itself is important, because it brings a level of value to the site that we really would not want to understate!


Frankly, we feel that Sketboy really needs to be better known among fans of gay foot fetish porn – this French hardcore offering doesn’t just have a solid library and great update schedule. It also brings to the table plenty of Full HD content alongside a huge variety of bonus content in a great list of different niches of gay porn. Unfortunately, though, the mobile version site isn’t great on pagination, and features overall are a little light. Overall, though, it’s a great offer for what you get. That’s why we feel very comfortable recommending sketboy.com to just about anyone who happens to be seeking even more gay foot fetish content to enjoy. It’s just one of those sites that deserves more praise and attention than it tends to get, at least from our perspective. Perhaps this review will help sketboy.com gain a little more awareness.


  • Great sense of foot fetish fun
  • Huge variety of bonus sites
  • Updates seem to be fairly regular


  • Pagination problems with mobile version
  • Membership somewhat expensive, on a tokens system


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