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One of the things that immediately jumped out to us about Cazzo Film is the sheer variety of fetish content included. This Euro-BDSM focused premium gay hardcore offering includes uniforms, shaved heads, fisting, leather and uniforms, all sorts of piss play, and intense, rough gangbangs! Strange and well-chosen objects are often chosen as sex toys, like trailer hitch balls for just one example. This all takes place in bondage and sex clubs, the great outdoors, dungeons, and industrial spaces, and a lot of it stars well-know stars, too. Lucio Saints, Alberto Esposito, and Jean Franko were all noted during our time evaluating this site. In fact, you’ll find plenty of uncut cocks, hairy bears, and lots more! As well as plenty of hardcore and bare-cocked fucking and sucking. Overall, the stud choice and production styles are all quite solid, while also remaining very well-focused on the fetish nature of the content itself. Instead of continuing to laud these softer elements, though, we think that now it’s time for us to move into those ever so vital library details.

As of the time of writing for this review, the CazzoFilms collection is actually fairly impressive, as well as growing pretty well overall. You can expect to find just over 600 individual videos, and while the older ones definitely drop down pretty hard in resolution quality, but the newest ones seem to be available in up to 720p HD Ready resolution. Now, that is a few steps back from the modern standard of 4K resolution, and we certainly can tell when that image is stretched to larger resolutions, but the content could easily be hot enough for you that you don’t mind. Regardless, it’d be a big improvement here to see the site invest in resolution upgrades. Updates are also a little bit odd here – most months there’s at least one new video, but sometimes you’ll see two in a single month. It’s far from the fastest schedule, but the library seems to be still growing despite that. We really can’t speak to the possibility of whether or not this site is recycling content, though. That said, as part of your membership here, you will also get access to the entirety of the larger network with your membership to CazzoFilms.com – that means around half a dozen additional fetish-focused gay hardcore sites – some of which are very definitely still regularly updating. In fact, all together, the collection includes supposedly over 20,000 videos! While we certainly didn’t double check that count, we still doubt that you’ll ever end up running out of content here as a result.

At the end of the day, though, Cazzo Film has set out to do one thing and to do it well. For the most part, they’ve succeeded in that – to be specific, they’ve succeeded in providing hundreds of hot, well-produced, decent resolution, fetish gay hardcore porn videos; many of which feature established gay stars as well. The network certainly doesn’t do anything to hurt things, either. But the concerns are definitely there, including slow and possibly recycled updates, and the rather out of date resolutions. We’d love to see things things improve, as we think the site would be much better overall with high-resolution, clearly new content, dropping a little faster than once a month on average. Despite that, however, the site is still solid. The content itself, as we said before, is well-produced, hot, and frankly pretty compelling if you’re into the niche. We’re happy to give CazzoFilms our recommendation at the moment, especially if you’re looking to put even more gay fetish content into an existing subscription collection that happens to have that focus!

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