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Citebeur is a French adult production studio that produces gay pornography. Their main goal is to create captivating videos that include a lot of fetishes and rough pounding. When it comes to the roster, their productions star moslty French and Arab performers, but you’ll also notice some models from other European countries. At the time of writing, Citebeur’s archive boasts nearly 1,500 individual videos, and they update with up four times a week on average. In addition to that, its members get access to dozens of bonus sites with 25,000+ extra videos in total.


If you’ve ever been to France or know more about this country, you must be aware that their demographics is extremely diverse. France is one of the least homogenic countries in Europe, where the natives account for slightly less than 80% of the population. Because of that, France is home to many people from other countries, but mainly Africa and the Middle East.

Many of them happen to be cute gay guys, some of whom you can find at Citebeur. As a result, Citebeur’s gallery has plenty of black and Arabic men, but there are also performers from other European countries, including Russia. That means you can expect a nice mix of ethnicities, as well as cut and uncut dicks.


When it comes to the quality of the content and the action that is included, you can also expect a lot of variety. Citebeur has mostly duos, but you’ll also find a nice number of solos and even some spicy threesomes. However, some of the content is a bit on the extreme side, so Citebeur is surely not for the faint-hearted.

For example, the videos often feature slapping, spitting, swearing, name calling, manhandling, and other forms of sexual humiliation. You’ll also see face-fucking, massive facial cumshots, and delightful oral creampies. The bottoms are often mere holes that need to be fucked, and the tops don’t give a shit if they even cum or not.


Citebeur is a nice-looking website filled with bareback videos that feature a lot of intense sexual acts. From cute Arab guys in solos to interracial sex videos with many participants, this French gay porn site has a lot of variety in terms of performers and action. On top of that, the site updates several times per week, and full network access is included. However, you need to know that this is a streaming-only offering and that the membership is expensive.


  • Huge bonus network
  • Many uncut cocks
  • Frequent and regular updates
  • Plenty of bareback sex
  • A lot of intense action
  • Exclusive collection
  • Good-quality streams


  • No downloads
  • Expensive subscription plan


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