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French gay hardcore with a focus on Black and interracial porn – that’s what you can expect to find at Univers Black! And no, that’s not misspelled. Instead, they’ve chosen to combine English and French in the site name. The content is well-produced, and they’ve definitely put a lot of effort into well-chosen stars. You can also expect quite a bit of rough sex within the collection. So on the soft side of things, this site is doing fairly well overall. Before we move on to the library, however, we felt that it was important to address an oddity with the pricing nice and early in this review. This is really a VOD or tokens site, and when it’s taken that way, the pricing at UniversBlack is pretty competitive – it makes sense to us. However, it’s absolutely not an unlimited streaming option – you’ll find that the monthly cost to treat this site like that is wildly high, and as such, treat this one as pay-per-view – only watch what you’re really interested in, and keep track of your tokens well. When handled that way, we think that the site makes a lot more sense than the alternatives. With that said, let’s jump into the library details now.

What to Expect

You can expect to find a few over 1,000 individual scenes here, although these are all pulled from DVDs – and the larger movie format is available in the collection as well. This is a fairly good amount of content overall, and it’s a nice library if you’re particularly into the niche and don’t mind the PPV style of site monetization that’s present here. However, we feel it’s also important to point out that the update schedule is pretty unclear overall. While you can sort by recent uploads, there are no dates or anything like that. You can sort by new, and a few other ways, but the usability could certainly use some work. We noted a lack of both advanced search and of favorites – but on the other hand, you can also sort by price in tokens, which is actually quite nice to see. There are also a number of bonus sites included, such as Cadinot, Citebeur, and Sketboy, but while they add to the library, the situation of the tokens – here called ‘tickets’, by the way – also still apply to what bonus content that you get.


We think that the experience of being a member at universblack.com is pretty great overall. Certainly, there are drawbacks, as we’ve detailed above. Those of course include the unfortunate lack of schedule clarity and upload dates, yes, but they also include the monetization, at least for some of us – unlimited streaming has been for a long time now the standard online, and we tend to think that that is a good thing overall, and not a bad one at all. At the same time, we know some of you don’t mind a PPV set up for quality porn, and overall, the content here seems to be pretty good quality overall. The resolutions aren’t as modern as we’d like, those, and the newest videos seem only to be available in up to 720p, a couple steps behind the modern standard of 4K. With everything good and bad, we think you have a good sense of the overall offer at Univers Black. If you’ve been looking for something focused on Black and interracial gay hardcore, and you don’t mind PPV, then this might actually be a solid offering to add to your collection. And on that basis, we find it worthy of our recommendation.


  • Tokens are reasonably priced
  • The porn is relatively high-quality overall


  • 720p resolutions
  • Update schedule unclear
  • Streaming plan far too expensive


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100 Tickets


1 Month MembershipRecurs every month at $59.95


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